Design Your Own Animal Sock Contest!

By Lauren

design your own animal sock contestHey There!  Today I am super excited to announce a new contest – Design Your Own Animal Socks!

You may or may not know that the oh-so-cute and beloved animal sock patternsPawsome Pals” and “Check Meowt!” actually have blank charts in them so that you can plot out your own unique animal face design.  So now it’s time to tap into your amazing creativity and knitting prowess, AND have the opportunity to win some awesome prizes!

Here’s how to enter this contest:

1) Pick up “Pawsome Pals” or “Check Meowt!” (or the full sock collection they’re apart of!)  If you already have one of the patterns, perfect!

2) Use the blank chart in the pattern to design an animal face that hasn’t already been created (see the 6 animals above for the animals that have already been created, and the Q&A below for more ideas!)

3) Knit a pair of socks in any size (child or adult) using your design, and take some awesome photos of them!  Post your finished project with at least one pic on Ravelry by July 18th and you will automatically be entered to win!

The two winning designs will be added as options in the patterns (with due credit of course!) so that everyone can make your winning design too!


First off, everyone who enters is a winner!  Woohoo!!  If you complete an original pair of animal socks and follow the instructions above by July 18th, you will automatically get a free Girly Knits pattern of your choice!  Any pattern you like is yours 🙂

Grand Prize:

The Grand Prize Winner (determined by a panel of judges) will win this awesome goody bag from Knit Picks!

knit picks project bag   knit picks prize goody bag

This goody bag includes:

1 super cute “I Love Knit Picks” project bag

2 balls of the brand new Knit Picks Paragon in Rouge

2 balls of the colorful Knit Picks Felici in Peachy (a special reserve yarn that is no longer available!)

2 balls of the gorgeous Knit Picks Palette in Regal

Runner Up:

The Runner Up will get a super special limited edition Girly Knits Cupcake Knitter’s Tool Tin from The Sexy Knitter’s Etsy Shop!  The cupcake on the cover of the tin is a close up photo of my “Sweet Treats” Knitted Wall Art pattern 🙂

girly knits cupcake knitters tool tin   il_570xN.963125194_nil5

This Knitter’s Tool Tin is the new Deluxe version, which includes all of the handy tools you will need while knitting.  Newly added tools to this tin are the wooden yarn ball needle size checker, and a stitch marker that doubles as a row counter!  To see a detailed list of everything included in the tin, check it out on Etsy here.


Here are some additional questions you may have with answers!  Please comment below if you have any further questions!

I can’t think of another animal besides a cat, panda, owl, koala, pig, and fox which have already been done, what else can I do?

Here are some ideas: Dog (so many breeds to choose from!), Lion, Tiger, Bear, Raccoon, Bunny, Cow, Elephant, Hippo, Monkey, Mouse, Moose, Penguin, Giraffe, Deer, Horse, Zebra, Frog, Bee, Unicorn…I’m sure there are many more, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

What’s the difference between using “Pawsome Pals” and “Check Meowt!” to create my design?

Pawsome Pals” is an ankle sock, and “Check Meowt!” is a knee high sock.  Note that the knee high sock chart has more room for plotting out your animal face since that sock is wider at the top than the ankle sock.  You can make either sock length in any size to enter though!

What yarn should I use?

The recommended yarn for these patterns is Knit Picks Stroll Sock Yarn, which I would highly recommend since it’s super soft, affordable, and comes in TONS of the different colors which is perfect for color work!  If you want to use your own yarn choice, that is acceptable too!

Do I need to do a heel design like the pattern has?

Nope!  If you decide to do one awesome, but it’s surely not required!

Can I make modifications to the pattern?

I’m hoping you will stick to the basic sock pattern as written so others can recreate the winning design by simply using your color chart, but if you want to do a different stripe pattern or another easy modification, that’s fine!

The patterns include a pointed ear and round ear option which covers most animals – but if you want to create a different ear shape that’s totally cool, just make sure to write down what you did so I can provide instructions in the pattern in case you win!

When will the winners be announced?

By July 25th! 🙂

I can’t wait to see your animal socks!!

pawsome pals koala fox pig ankle socks with ears knitting pattern   check meowt cat owl panda knitted knee high socks with ears knitting pattern

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