KnitCrate Artisan Crate Review – January 2018

By Lauren

Happy New Year!  I am so excited for 2018, and to start the year off with some new KnitCrate goodies!

I was so excited when I received this month’s KnitCrate package – the yarn in this month’s Artisan Crate is absolutely stunning!  I received 3 skeins of Salt River Mills “Suri AcceSuriEs” in the shade “Blue Spruce”, a really stunning greenish-blue color.  I’m not always this biggest fan of green (even as a redhead, I just usually don’t think it looks good on me!) but when I held this color up to my face, I thought “oooooh”, I definitely want a scarf made out of this!

This happens to be the perfect yarn for a scarf or neck item too – the fiber content is 75% Suri (Suri is a breed of Alpaca) and 25% wool, and it definitely has the wonderful characteristics of Alpaca – it is luxuriously soft and fuzzy!  Each 75 gram skein is 215 yards, so you can really make a substantial piece with all of this yarn!

There are 2 scarf patterns included in this crate by designer Jennifer Wood, the “Elementary Wrap“, a beginner pattern, and the “Tracery Wrap“, a lace scarf that is Intermediate/Advanced.  Both are very wide and long, and would be ideal accessories to keep you warm this Winter!

Also, as a fun goodie, there is a super cute matching project bag.  I don’t know about you, but I can ALWAYS use another project bag!  I always have multiple projects going at the same time, and project bags are the perfect way to stay organized.  I love that it matches this month’s yarn, if only all of our project bags could match our knitting!

The retail value for this crate is $62.52, and you can get it for just $34.99 when you subscribe to KnitCrate!  KnitCrate has also given me a special coupon code for you to use when you try out their monthly subscription for the first time – use GIRLY20 to get 20% off! This code applies towards all box options here:  Enjoy! 🙂



KnitCrate Membership Box Review – December 2017 + Free Hat Pattern!

By Lauren

knitcrate membership box contents december 2017 This month I am excited to be reviewing KnitCrate’s newest addition – their Membership Box!  This box is only $24.99/month, and includes 2 skeins of premium yarn, 2 exclusive patterns (1 knit and 1 crochet), plus free shipping worldwide!  The value of this month’s box was $63, so it’s quite a deal 🙂

I was so delighted when I received this month’s yarn – it is “La Brebis”, a super bulky (and super cozy) soft spun yarn in a beautiful heather grey colorway called “Storm”.  The yarn is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool at 60 yards per 100 gram hank, with a suggested needle size of US 15. I actually used size 10.5 needles to make an improvised hat, and it only took 2 hours! (see below for the pattern 🙂 )

2 hanks of this yarn were provided, with 2 pattern options – a knitted earflap hat and a crochet cowl.  The hat is called the “Tempest Hat” by Emily Johannes and the Cowl is the “Frost Flower Cowl” by CJ Brady. Both are super cute and cozy and fit in with this months theme of “Little Village” – I can totally imagine these 2 accessories being worn in a snowy little village!

Turns out this crate is already sold out (the new Membership Crate has been very popular!), but you can sign up for the membership to get future boxes here:  Also, if this is your first time trying KnitCrate, you can get 20% off your order by using coupon code GIRLY20 at checkout, woohoo!

girly knits easy knitted hat with pom pomSoooo before I received this crate I was struggling with what to make for my Secret Santa, but after receiving this lovely yarn, I thought hey, I should use this!  My co-worker loves grey, and I figured a simple knitted hat topped off with a pom pom would be the perfect present.  I actually got the pom pom from H&M – it was on a keychain and only $5.99! 🙂

This was such simple and quick (and cute!) knit that I thought I would share the pattern with you – it has a generous fit and should fit a male or female adult.  Here it is!


70 yards of Super Bulky Weight yarn

1 large pom pom

Needles: US 10.5 (6.5mm) 16″ circular needle

Gauge: 2.5 sts/inch, 4 rows/inch

Finished Measurements: 21″ circumference, 9″ long


Cast on 54 sts.  Place marker for start and join, taking care not to twist stitches.

Work in k 1, p 1 rib for 4 rounds.

Knit until hat measures 7″ from beginning.

Decrease for Crown:

Round 1: [K4, k2tog] x 9 – 45 sts.

Round 2: Knit.

Round 3: [K3, k2tog] x 9 – 36 sts.

Round 4: Knit.

Round 5: [K2, k2tog] x 9 – 27 sts.

Round 6: Knit.

Round 7: [K1, k2tog] x 9 – 18 sts.

Round 8: Knit.

Round 9: [K2tog] x 9 – 9 sts.

Round 10: [K2tog] x 4, k1 – 5 sts.

Break yarn, leaving approximately 4″. Thread yarn with a tapestry needle and draw through remaining sts, then to inside of hat.  Pull tightly, tie a knot, and weave in tail to inside of hat.  Weave cast on tail to inside of hat.

If you got a pom pom keychain like I did, detach chains so that only one chain loop is left.  Cut a 6″ piece of yarn to draw through loop, then tie on to top of hat, double knotting yarn on inside of hat. Weave in ends.  (If you dont have a loop, you can use a sewing needle and thread to sew the pom pom onto the top of your hat).

And you’re done!  That was easy, right?  Hope you enjoy!  Happy Holidays! 🙂




KnitCrate Unboxing & Review – July 2017

By Lauren

knitcrate sock box contents july 2017This month I had the pleasure of receiving all of KnitCrate’s July monthly boxes, and getting to unbox and review them all in a super fun Facebook Live video!  The video of me opening up and sharing the contents of each box is here, and I will also be sharing the specific contents of the boxes below 🙂

The theme for this month’s boxes was “Pop”, as all of the crates featured bright and punchy pop colors!  You can find all of the boxes mentioned on KnitCrate’s site, which will be available until the end of the month.

These boxes all contained so much joy, and I’m excited to share with you more about them 🙂

Aritsan Crate

In this month’s Aritsan Crate (previously known as the Main Crate), I was delighted to receive this bright and beautiful royal blue yarn!  It is a fingering weight yarn by Artisan Yarns called Sockpaca in the “BooBerry” colorway.  The fiber content is 60% SuperWash Merino Wool, 20% Alpaca, and 20% Nylon, and there are 440 yards per skein.  It is incredibly soft knitcrate aritsan box contents july 2017and luxurious feeling, so that along with the subtle color variations of the blues make this yarn really special.

There are two featured patterns in this crate, a beginner shawl pattern called “Daisy” by Melinda Measor, and an intermediate/advanced shawl pattern called “Bluebell” by the same designer.  Both feature gorgeous lace patterns – either of these shawls would make quite the statement in this vibrant color!

Also included is this box is a pair of Yarn Safe Knitting Shears, the perfect scissors for travelling!  You can find this box and all of the other “Pop” boxes here.

knitcrate sock box contents july 2017Sock Crate

Up next is the Sock Crate (also featured in the first up-close photo) – isn’t this yarn stunning?!  It is a fingering weight yarn by Lavender Lune Yarn in the “Firefly Riot” colorway.  Not only does it have beautiful speckles of reds, yellows, teals, and purples, it’s got some sparkle in it too!  It is made up of 75% SuperWash Merino, 20% Nylon, and 5% Gold Stelina, and is 438 yards to the skein.

The featured sock pattern is “Celtic Climbers” by Lisa K. Ross, which showcase a fun cable-like lace pattern climbing up the sides of the socks.

Also in this box are some adorableknitcrate handmade tags by johavi “Handmade” tags that you can put on your knitted gifts!  The tags feature a variety of fonts and motifs and were made exclusively for this KnitCrate box by Johavi Woodworking!  Pick up this awesome box before it’s gone here 🙂

Crochet Crate

This month’s Pop Crochet Crate is definitely perfect for anybody who loves orange!  The featured yarn is a Sport Weight 100% SuperWash Merino wool by OMG Yarn at 345 yards per skein.  This fantastic yellow and orange colorway (which looks like the sun, am I right?!) is called “Rushmore”, and comes with 2 crochet patterns!

knitcrate crochet box contents july 2017The beginner pattern is a shawl pattern called “Jaynes Arrow” and the intermediate/advanced pattern is “Breezy’s Tee”, an oversized lacey tee that would make for the perfect beach cover up!  Both patterns are by designer Melina Gingras.

The fun extra in this month’s Crochet Crate is a beautiful rainbow wood crcohet hook by KnitPicks in size H-8 (5mm).  You can get this crate here!

Knitologie Crate

Lastly, I received the Knitologie Crate, which is a no frills crate that simply contains 2 skeins of an exclusive hand dyed luxury yarn that you can dream up whatever you want with.  What I love about this crate is that this yarn is truly unique and you can’t buy it anywhere else as it is only for KnitCrate subscribers!

knitcrate knitologie box july 2017The exclusive yarn in this month’s crate is a Sport Weight 100% SuperWash Merino Wool at 330 yards per skein.  Of all of the colors in this month’s Pop crates, this one is definitely my fave as it’s a blend of my 2 favorite colors, pink and purple!  Together they create a stunning hot pink/purple magenta-like combo that I am totally obsessed with.  The color is called “Kiss” which makes sense to me 😉  While this crate has no patterns or tools, it does contain 5 different discount codes for the yarns and tools featured in the other boxes, ranging from 10-25% off their shops!  And just so you know, all of the other crates feature 2-3 discount codes for the companies of the featured fiber goodies as well.

If you would like any of the boxes mentioned above, you can get them by becoming a KnitCrate subscriber to the box you want by the end of this month!  KnitCrate has also given me some special coupon codes for you to use when you try out their monthly subscription – use GIRLY20 to get 20% off your first box OR use FREECRATE to get a free mystery box!  These codes apply towards all box options here:  Enjoy! 🙂






All You Knit is Love Sweater Pattern

By Lauren

all you knit is love sweaterToday I am so excited to share that “All You Knit is Love” is now available to download on Ravelry!  This sweater pattern was originally designed for The Fiber Factor Knitting Design Contest Challenge #2 “Knit Inside the Box”.  We were challenged to design a boxy sweater that incorporated creative colorwork, using up to 8 colors.  I thought it would be fun to revisit this design and give you a behind the scenes look at my creative process and inspiration.  Hope you enjoy!


When we first got this challenge I was a little overwhelmed with possibility because I LOVE colorwork.  If you are familiar with my designs you know that I use colorwork quite frequently, and just love color in general!  Because of that, I wanted to experiment with some new  techniques that I had not seen done and had never tried out before, and really push myself to be creative.

all you knit is love criss cross heart and shoulder detail croppedMy first idea was to create a heart argyle pattern using cables.  I hadn’t seen it done before in knitting the way I was envisioning it, so I thought it would be fun to try out.  Off to swatching I went, and after much trial and error, I figured out a technique I was happy with.  Basically there are 2 single cables, and when they cross, there’s an intarsia heart behind them.  It’s kindof like you’re knitting love into your sweater, and I loved the idea of that! 🙂

The other inspiration I had for this sweater was to use big block letters to create a bold statement message, a popular trend at the time.  I had seen this image of a storefront in Barcelona that I had previously posted about, and it stuck with me – the perfect phrase would be “All You Knit is Love”!  I thought it would be fun to play with colorwork inside the letters, and was also very inspired by the trend of bright pastel colors.  I had seen images of artwork by pip & pop in one of my trend reports at work, and I was obsessed with the color scheme and wanted to use a similar palette for my design.  Fun fact – even though I designed this sweater in 2013, I am still loving pastels!  They really stuck with me 🙂

Nicole-Andrijevic-Tanya-Schultz_web17 Nicole-Andrijevic-Tanya-Schultz_web9

ombre sweater


I had also seen this sweater at Urban Outfitters and loved the idea of creating a similar ombre effect for this challenge.  Now that was the challenging part, because we weren’t offered color changing yarns for this challenge.  Hmmm….but onto the next step, choosing colors!

Skacel provided us with these awesome swatch cards to choose our desired colors, which they would normally offer to their wholesale clients.  It’s not always that we would get the actual yarns to look at and play with, sometimes it was just pictures of the colors, so this was especially nice for this challenge.  You could actually take a small cutting of the yarn off the page and place it next to another one – this was beyond helpful in creating my pastel rainbow of colors!

hikoo simplicity color swatches

So I ordered my yarn and hoped for the best.  Much to my delight, the colors were beautiful and went really well together!

hikoo simplicity rainbow of yarn

all you knit is love back word detailExecution

Now to figure out how to create the ombre effect I was hoping for.  I charted out the block letters and was playing with ideas.  My first idea was to have a stippling effect where the colors changed – kind of speckled and fair isle looking.  This indeed turned out to look more like fair isle than ombre so I tried again.

I had seen some knitted designs where the yarn was held double with the same color, then held together with the transition color, then to double of the transition color.  This technique really seemed to be the most successful in creating a smooth gradient.  I hadn’t planned to double ply my yarn with this design though, so I thought, what if I un-plied the yarn to half the plies, did that with the transition color, and then held them together and knitted them?!  I tried this out and indeed it worked.  Now, this isn’t the easiest or most practical thing to do, but it was a creative solution to the problem and it looked great!

In case you’re wondering what the inside of this sweater looks like…here it is!  Needless to say, finishing this chart felt like a HUGE accomplishment!  I had a lot of fun, however, watching it take form 🙂 all you knit is love intarsia insideThe heart argyle or “heart-gyle” as I like to call it 😉 became a theme in this pattern, which I incorporated into the front, back, and a fun elbow patch!

all you knit is love front  all you knit is love sleeve

all you knit is love side

I also enjoyed adding this mesh lace shoulder insert for some fun and flirtiness 🙂  Now, I have to admit, when I finished this design, I was like yeah, there’s a lot going on, and the judges confirmed that worry!  I honestly did just have so many ideas and wanted to use THEM ALL. While I do love all of the bells and whistles and think they ended up working together in a special way, the great thing is that because this is a knitting pattern, you can customize it however you want!

I think it would be fun to have a plain stockinette front with just the words to speak for themselves in the back, to use the heart argyle pattern all over the front and back, or to make the the entire sweater in stockinette and just have a fun pop color of mesh lace at the shoulder inserts.  It’s really like you’re getting 3 sweaters in 1 as there’s so many ways you can knit this sweater!  You could even knit the shoulder inserts in stockinette in the base sweater color for a more toned down look.

I’ve posted about this sweater a few times on Instagram recently and the message was clear  – you want to knit this design!  I appologize for not getting it out sooner, I honestly didn’t realize so many people would want to knit it!  I am thrilled that you do and CAN’T WAIT to see how you interpret it!  The pattern is now available on Ravelry for download here:

Happy Knitting!



“It Was All a Dream” Knitted Dress Collection

By Lauren

it-was-all-a-dream-cover-pageI am so excited to share that by brand new collection of knitted dresses, “It Was All a Dream” is finally here!  This collection has been a year in the making, and I’m thrilled to now be able to share it with you.

“It Was All a Dream” is a collection of 7 stylish dress designs that will have you and everyone around you falling in love with knitted dresses. From warm cozy cables for the Fall and Winter to light and breezy laces for the Spring and Summer, you will never be without a knitted dress to wear for your next occasion with this collection.

“It Was All a Dream” features many fun and feminine knitted details to explore from beaded lace, to a convertible cowl, to elegant cables, to the addition of ribbon, ruffles, and bows to your knitting. 3 out of the 7 designs in the collection are versatile 2-piece sets that can be worn together as one amazingly awesome knitted ensemble, or as separates paired with other items in your wardrobe!

All of the dress designs in this collection are knit seamlessly in the round for ease of finishing, with detailed instructions on how to customize the length of the dresses and tops to suite your style perfectly.

The collection is available on Ravelry for $24 here, or as individual patterns for $7 each.  Here are more details on the 7 designs included in the collection!:

“Sweater Weather” Raglan Cable Knit Dress

sweater-weather-teal-cable-knit-dress-knitting-pattern-1Get ready to get super cozy and cute this Fall and Winter with your new favorite cable knit dress, “Sweater Weather”! Not only is this dress stylish, it is the definition of comfy and totally fun to knit too. Featuring a top down raglan construction, there is zero seaming, and you can knit the dress and sleeves as long as you please! The intertwining cable pattern down the front offers a fun twist on a basic knit dress. Pair it with tights and boots, and it’s the ideal Winter ensemble! It will work for anywhere your day may take you, from the office, to a date, to a night out on the town with your girlfriends. This pattern also features an option to make this design a long tunic style sweater, perfect for pairing with skinny jeans or leggings. Get the pattern and learn more here!


sweater-weather-teal-cable-knit-dress-knitting-pattern-3  sweater-weather-teal-cable-knit-dress-knitting-pattern-5sweater-weather-cable-knit-tunic-knitting-pattern-2  sweater-weather-cable-knit-tunic-knitting-pattern-4

“Cowl Me Later” Textured Cowl Neck Dress

cowl-me-maybe-knitted-cowl-neck-dress-knitting-pattern-6What do you get when you combine a cozy knit cowl, and your favorite sweater dress? This fabulous wooly wonder that is sure to impress! This classic cowl neck dress is a wardrobe staple, and while wearing this dress you will look nothing but graceful. While the drape of the cowl says elegance and class, the cut out in the back offers some sass! This incredibly versatile cowl can be folded to cover your arms and back in the cold, or to keep your ears warm by being worn as a hood! The flattering open back offers a sweet surprise that is sure to turn heads, while the dazzling diamond knit and purl patterns will get you knitting street cred. Knit with 100% Baby Alpaca that is incredibly soft, it’s so cozy and warm you will never want to take it off! Cowl me maybe? Cowl me yes!  Get the pattern and learn more here!



cowl-me-maybe-knitted-cowl-neck-dress-knitting-pattern-7  cowl-me-maybe-knitted-cowl-neck-dress-knitting-pattern-4  cowl-me-maybe-knitted-cowl-neck-dress-knitting-pattern-1  cowl-me-maybe-knitted-cowl-neck-dress-knitting-pattern-8cowl-me-maybe-knitted-cowl-neck-dress-knitting-pattern-2  cowl-me-maybe-knitted-cowl-neck-dress-knitting-pattern-9

“Take a Bow” Lace Dress and Top

take-a-bow-knitted-chandelier-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-6Indulge in your love for lace and all things girly with this adorable chandelier lace dress! This is the perfect versatile dress – you can dress it up for a date with jewelry and heels, or wear it to the office with leggings and boots. This dress has positive ease for a totally roomy and comfortable fit, with an optional added knitted bow belt that will cinch in the dress to accentuate your waist and flatter your figure. While this dress is delicate and feminine, it is knit with DK weight yarn so it won’t take forever to knit! Knit in the round, this dress is also an entirely seamless knit, woohoo! You can easily customize the length of your dress to make it longer, or you can even make it shorter to knit it as an equally beautiful lace top! Get the pattern and learn more here.




take-a-bow-knitted-chandelier-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-1  take-a-bow-knitted-chandelier-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-4take-a-bow-knitted-chandelier-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-3  take-a-bow-knitted-chandelier-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-5 take-a-bow-knitted-chandelier-lace-top-knitting-pattern-2  take-a-bow-knitted-chandelier-lace-top-knitting-pattern-1

“Crop it Like it’s Hot” Sweater and Skirt Set

crop-it-like-its-hot-cable-knit-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-1 Stylish, chic, and oh-so-cozy, you are sure to fall in love with this super cute cable knit cropped sweater top and pencil skirt set! (Whew! That was a mouthful!) This delectable design features 2 elegant cable panels that run up the front and back of your curves for a sexy and sassy look. Not only does this versatile set look amazing together, it would look just as awesome worn as separates paired with other items in your closet. The skirt is knit from the top down with a fold over waistband to encase elastic for a personalized fit, and the skirt length is completely up to you! The raglan top is also knit to fit so that you can show as much or as little midriff as you wish, and the sleeves are knit from the top down enabling you to give your top your favorite sleeve length. Are you ready to crop it like it’s hot? I hope so! Get the pattern and learn more here.



crop-it-like-its-hot-cable-knit-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-2   crop-it-like-its-hot-cable-knit-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-3 crop-it-like-its-hot-cable-knit-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-7  crop-it-like-its-hot-cable-knit-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-8 crop-it-like-its-hot-knitted-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-2  crop-it-like-its-hot-knitted-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-4

“Sheer Elegance” Beaded Lace Dress

sheer-elegance-knitted-beaded-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-3With a picot lace hem, a sprinkling of beads, fine eyelet details, and sparkly cap sleeves, this romantic knitted dress is nothing but sheer elegance. Knit with a sensuously soft kid mohair and silk blend yarn, it is light as can be, with a delightful fuzzy texture that will have you feeling feminine and free. The dazzling beaded details offer a hint of flair, making this dress the perfect pick for your next special occasion or affair! This design is also sure to suit your unique style with its reversibility – wear it with a high neck and sexy scooped out back (my favorite way), or more traditionally! Either way you will look sexy yet sweet, and will be sure to enchant whomever you meet! Get the pattern and learn more here.




sheer-elegance-knitted-beaded-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-1  sheer-elegance-knitted-beaded-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-2 sheer-elegance-knitted-beaded-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-4  sheer-elegance-knitted-beaded-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-5 sheer-elegance-knitted-beaded-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-6  sheer-elegance-knitted-beaded-lace-dress-knitting-pattern-7

“Twirl Of Your Dreams” Crop Top and Skirt Set

twirl-of-your-dreams-knitted-daisy-lace-crop-top-and-skater-skirt-knitting-pattern-2With daisies, ruffles, a ribbon bow and without seams, this knitted ensemble will give you the twirl of your dreams. This 2-piece set is not only super flirty and fun, you can wear it as separates or rock it as one! With the daisy lace top featuring frills on the sleeves, you are guaranteed a good time twirling around in the leaves. The skater skirt features a perfectly matching picot lace hem, that will show everyone around you that your knitting skills are the creme de la creme! Perfect for a festival, the beach, brunch, or anywhere there is sun, a day prancing around in this outfit will be sure to be won. Get the pattern and learn more here!





twirl-of-your-dreams-knitted-daisy-lace-crop-top-and-skater-skirt-knitting-pattern-1  twirl-of-your-dreams-knitted-daisy-lace-crop-top-and-skater-skirt-knitting-pattern-4 twirl-of-your-dreams-knitted-daisy-lace-crop-top-and-skater-skirt-knitting-pattern-5  twirl-of-your-dreams-knitted-daisy-lace-crop-top-and-skater-skirt-knitting-pattern-6 twirl-of-your-dreams-knitted-daisy-lace-crop-top-knitting-pattern-8  twirl-of-your-dreams-knitted-daisy-lace-skater-skirt-knitting-pattern-9

“Better Lace Than Never” Crop Top and Skirt Set

better-lace-than-never-knitted-cold-shoulder-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-1 Indulge in the decadence of knitting a beautiful and unique diamond lace pattern in luxurious fingering weight yarn with this stunningly gorgeous 2-piece set. The skirt is high waisted and fitted down to the knee for a look that is both sassy and classy. The coordinating crop top features a sexy and trendy cold shoulder detail, and criss-crossed straps at the neckline for an edgy look. A delicate picot hem finishes the sleeves and the waistband for the perfect feminine touch. Wear these pieces as one outfit or as separates, they will look equally as lovely paired with a shirt or jeans. And while the intricacy of this fine knitting pattern will be an investment well worth your time, you know what they say, better lace than never! Get the pattern and learn more here.




better-lace-than-never-knitted-cold-shoulder-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-4  better-lace-than-never-knitted-cold-shoulder-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-3better-lace-than-never-knitted-cold-shoulder-crop-top-and-pencil-skirt-knitting-pattern-5  better-lace-than-never-knitted-cold-shoulder-crop-top-knitting-pattern-7

I hope you enjoy the new collection!  Again, it is available on Ravelry for $24 here, or as individual patterns for $7 each here.  I can’t wait to see what you make!

Happy Knitting!


Knitted Mermaid and Merman Costumes!

By Lauren

knitted mermaid costumes girly knits ze castle photography

This past Saturday June 18th, I had the joy of marching in the 34th annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade, in none other than a hand knit mermaid costume!  This is the biggest Art Parade in the nation, where over 3,000 people come out dressed as mermaids and other sea inspired creatures, and hundreds of thousands of people come to watch!  I am always blown away by the creative visions people have for this event – everyone’s take is so different!  The coolest part is that almost all of the marchers make their own costumes (though I think I’m the only one who knitted mine 😉 )

My costume took a total a total of 65 hours to create, and I worked on it over the course of 6 weeks. Thankfully I planned ahead and got my start back in April!  I also knitted a Merman costume for my friend Ken who joined me for the parade.  He likes to show skin, lol, so that went a lot quicker than mine!  His ensemble took about 12 hours.

Below I have instructions for all of the pieces I designed, and links to the patterns I used by other designers.  Hope you enjoy! 🙂

girly knits knitted mermaid costume

Knitted Mermaid Costume


Needles: US 7 (4.5mm) 29″ circular needle, US 11 (8mm) 29″ circular needle, US F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook (for duplicate stitch on bra shells only, size isn’t critical!)

2 Balls (680 yards) of Patons Lace Sequin in Pale Amethyst (MC)

4 Balls (860 yards) of Loops and Threads Payette in Sterling Silver (CC)

Gauge: 18 sts and 24 rows = 4″ in Stockinette St using smaller needle and 2 strands of MC held together

Note about yarn: I held the MC and CC double for the shells and top part of the skirt for 2 reasons – 1) because it was thin, and 2) because I wanted double the amount of the sequins in the yarn to show!  If you wanted to use a single strand of yarn for these pieces instead (and thus need less yardage), a DK or Worsted Weight yarn would probably work, just make sure to check your gauge!

loops and threads payette in sterling silver and patons lace sequin in pale amethyst

1 yard of .75″ wide elastic for Skirt waistband

Nude bra, assorted rhinestones, hot glue (or fabric glue), and sewing needle and thread for Shell Bra


BO: bind off

CO: cast on

k: knit

k2tog: knit 2 sts together

LH: left hand

M1L: make 1 by picking up bar between sts through front and knit through back loop

M1R: make 1 by picking up bar between sts through back and knit

lauren and ken girly knits knitted mermaid and merman costumesmeas: measure(s)

p: purl

PUK: pick up and knit

rep(s): repeat(s)

rnd(s): rnd(s)

RS: right side

sl: slip

ssk: (slip 1 knitwise) twice, insert left hand needle into slipped sts and k2tog through back loop

st(s): stitch(es)

W&T: (Wrap and Turn) Slip next st pwise, bring yarn to front if you are working a k row, or to the back if you are working a p row, slip st back onto LH needle, bring yarn to back if working a k row, or to front if knitting a p row. Turn work and begin working in opposite direction.

WS: wrong side

yo: yarn over

girly knits mermaid skirt progress picSkirt

I made the skirt circumference 32″, 4″ less then my hip circumference of 36″.  There is no shaping – elastic is inserted into the enclosed waistband to help cinch it in at the waist.  If you want to make the skirt bigger or smaller to get a perfect fit for your body, take your hip circumference and subtract 4″, or measure the hip circumference of a fitted knit skirt that you like the fit of.  Take that number and times it by the gauge (4.5 sts/inch).  I cast on 32 x 4.5 = 144 sts.  You want to cast on a multiple of 8 sts, so make sure to cast on the closest multiple of 8 to that number (in my case 144 was evenly divisible by 8).

I adapted the scale pattern from Black Sheep Wool’s “Mermaid Tail Blanket” (a super cute free pattern!)


Note: For the Top of Skirt (Scales), both the MC and CC are knit with 2 strands of yarn held together. For the Bottom of Skirt (Netting), a single strand of the CC is used.  The top part of the skirt is knitted from the bottom up.  After the top part is finished, stitches are picked up at the bottom of the skirt to knit the netting from the top down.  This allows for a great custom fit, as you will have the option to make adjustments after the skirt is finished to make it the perfect length!

Top of Skirt (Scales):

With 2 strands of CC held together and smaller needle, CO 144 sts.  Place marker and join, taking care not to twist stitches.

Rnd 1: Knit.

Rnd 2: Purl

Rnds 3-6: Change to 2 strands of MC held together.  *Sl 1, k 7; rep from * to end.

Rnd 7: Change to CC and Knit.

Rnd 8: Purl.

Rnds 9-12: Change to MC.  K4, *Sl 1, k 7; rep from * to last 3 sts, k3.

girly knits mermaid skirt detail

Rep Rnds 1-12 until skirt measures desired length, ending on Rnd 2 or 8 (I made mine 15″ long).


Continuing with CC, knit 4 rnds or for .75″ (or desired waistband width).

Purl 1 rnd.

Knit 3 rnds,

BO very loosely.

Break yarn, leaving a yard of one of the strands to seam the waistband. Thread longer end with a tapestry needle. Fold waistband at purl ridge, and seam BO edge to inside of skirt, catching every other stitch on BO edge/inside of skirt. Leave 1″ open at the end, and insert elastic. Determine desired ease of elastic and trim, leaving an extra inch so you can overlap the edges 1″ and seam together using a sewing needle and thread.  Seam remaining inch of waistband. See pics below for how I seamed the waistband of “She’s Electric” using the same techniques:

photo 3   photo 4

Bottom of Skirt (Netting):

With smaller needle and single strand of CC, PUK 144 sts along CO edge of skirt.

Change to larger needle.

Rnd 1: *Yo, k2tog; rep from * to end.

Rnd 2: Knit.

Rnd 3: K1, *yo, k2tog; rep from * to end. It will be tricky to have a stitch marker to mark the start of the round because you will keep having to move it – I used a latching marker below the round and eyed where to start and end each round!

Rnd 4: Knit.mermaid skirt blocked

Rep Rnds 1-4 until netting is desired length, keeping in mind that blocking will add a few inches!

I used a picot bind off to give it bit of a ruffled edge 🙂

Picot Bind Off: *CO 2, BO 3 tightly, sl st from RH needle onto LH needle; rep from * until all sts are bound off.


Weave in all ends.

Wet block netting.


These shells were custom designed to encompass my DD boobs.  The bra I attached them to is a 34DD, but they would also fit a 36D bra.  If you wanted to adapt these for your bra size, you would want to do less/more inc rows and make them shorter/longer.  I would suggest starting from the beginning, matching it up to your bra cups, seeing how it looks, and adapting as you go.

girly knits knitted bra shellShells (make 2):

Note: The silver “seams” are added after the shell is finished.

With 2 strands of MC held together and smaller needle, CO 12 sts.

Row 1: Purl.

Row 2: Knit.

Row 3: Purl.

Row 4: K1, [M1R, k1, M1L, k2] x 3, M1R, k1, M1L, k1 – 20 sts.

Work 5 rows in St st.

Row 10: K1, M1L, k1, [M1R, k1, M1L, k4] x 3, M1R, k1, M1L, k1, M1L, k1 – 30 sts.

Work 5 rows in St st.

Row 16: K1, M1L, k3, [M1R, k1, M1L, k6] x 3, M1R, k1, M1L, k3, M1L, k1 – 40 sts.

Work in St until shell meas 4.25″ from beginning, or 2″ less than desired height of shell.

Short Row Shaping:girly knits knitted mermaid and ursula

Row 1: Knit to last 3 sts, W&T.

Row 2: Purl to last 3 sts, W&T.

Row 3: Knit to 3 sts before last wrap, W&T.

Row 4: Purl to 3 sts before last wrap, W&T.

Rep Rows 3&4 until you have worked 6 wraps on each side and there are 4 sts left in the middle.

Next Row (RS): Knit to end, working wraps with respective sts.

Next Row (WS): Purl, working wraps with respective sts.

Work 3 rows in St st.

Change to 2 strands of CC held together and purl.

Scalloped BO:

Note: To “work & BO tucked st” do the following: Let next st on your LH needle drop until 4 bars are exposed.  Place RH needle through dropped st from front to back, and wrap working yarn around needle and pull through st.  Place st on RH needle and bind it off tightly.

2nd Note: If you altered the amount of Inc Rows, you want the tucked sts on the BO row to fall in line with the stitch column that goes between the increases.  This is so that when you do the duplicate stitch seams, they will line up with the dips of the scalloped BO.

BO 5 very loosely, work & BO tucked st, [BO 8 very loosely, work & BO tucked st] x  3, BO very loosely to end.


Using 2 strands of CC held together and crochet hook and starting at bottom of shell, create seams on shell by duplicating knit columns that fall between increases.  These columns should align with the tucked stitches on the BO edge. When you reach tucked stitch at top, place loop over bound off st, break yarn, and pull through loop tightly to emphasize scallop.

Weave in all ends.

Using a sewing needle and thread, sew edges of shell to bra cups.  I also hot glued on some small rhinestones on the shells for extra sparkle!  I used a nude strapless bra with the straps attached, and glued rhinestones all along the wings and straps, and added a sparkly starfish to the center 🙂

girly knits knitted shell mermaid bra

Knitted Merman Costume

girly knits knitted merman costume

Okay, so this isn’t much of a costume, it’s more of a loin cloth with a shell on it, and an added crown because you know, why not!  I’m not sure what other man besides Ken would be willing to rock this get up, but if that happens PLEASE SHARE PHOTOS 😉


The shell is a gorgeous pattern by Dora (Bottheka on Ravelry) that you can find here.  The pattern is free, but you have to contact her for the .pdf.  She was very quick to respond and sent it to me right away!  I used a single strand of the Loops and Threads Payette in Sterling Silver and size US 3 (3.25mm) needles.  It came out to be about 4 x 4″.  I hot glued on some rhinestones for extra sparkle 🙂


I’m obsessed with this crown!  All of my friends were too and now they want crowns for their birthdays 😉  Luckily it was a quick knit!  It was a free pattern I found on Ravelry called “A Very Regal Crown” by Kayleigh aka marbles24 on Ravelry.  I used a stash yarn that I had that is a light glittery gold and I believe sport weight (the labels are long gone!)  I held the yarn double (so it would be extra sturdy) with a US 7 circular needle as suggested.  I then glued on a large rhinestone at each crest and it turned out super cute!

Loin Cloth:

girly knits knitted merman costume detail

The loin cloth is a one size fits most thing – the side ties make it easy to custom fit!  The finished loin cloth came out to about 10 x 10″, and the font and back are exactly the same.


Needles: US 8 (5mm) straight needles, US I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook (for side ties only)

.1 Hanks (30 yards) of Knit Picks Preciosa in Crest

Gauge: 15 sts and 22 rows = 4″ in Mesh Stitch Pattern

Directions (make 2):

CO 38 sts.

Knit 5 rows.lauren and ken girly knits knitted mermaid and merman costumes


Row 1: K1, *yo, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k1.

Row 2: Purl.

Row 3: K2, *yo, k2tog; rep from * to end.

Row 4: Purl.

Rep Rows 1-4 until mesh portion measures 3″, ending with Row 2.

Next Row: Ssk, *yo, k2tog; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2tog (make sure to end with k2tog x 2 – don’t put another yo before the last k2tog or you won’t get the intended decrease there!)

Next Row: Purl.

Rep last 2 rows until there are 4 sts left.

Last Row (RS): Ssk, k2tog, BO last st and pull yarn through loop.


Measure out 48″ yarn (or longer if you want longer ties) and fold in half.  Starting at either top corner of loin cloth, place crochet hook through loin cloth and pull center of yarn through so you’ll be crocheting the yarn double ply.  Work in chain stitch until yarn runs out, then pull yarn through last loop.  Repeat for other side.

Place shell on center front of loin cloth. Using a sewing needle and thread, attach shell to loincloth, catching stitches along the edge of on the back side of shell so that thread is not visible.  Tie sides and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed these patterns, and if you would like to check out more of my knitting patterns click here!  If you make any of the above, please share your photos on the Raverly page! 🙂

Design Your Own Animal Sock Contest!

By Lauren

design your own animal sock contestHey There!  Today I am super excited to announce a new contest – Design Your Own Animal Socks!

You may or may not know that the oh-so-cute and beloved animal sock patterns “Pawsome Pals” and “Check Meowt!” actually have blank charts in them so that you can plot out your own unique animal face design.  So now it’s time to tap into your amazing creativity and knitting prowess, AND have the opportunity to win some awesome prizes!

Here’s how to enter this contest:

1) Pick up “Pawsome Pals” or “Check Meowt!” (or the full sock collection they’re apart of!)  If you already have one of the patterns, perfect!

2) Use the blank chart in the pattern to design an animal face that hasn’t already been created (see the 6 animals above for the animals that have already been created, and the Q&A below for more ideas!)

3) Knit a pair of socks in any size (child or adult) using your design, and take some awesome photos of them!  Post your finished project with at least one pic on Ravelry by July 18th and you will automatically be entered to win!

The two winning designs will be added as options in the patterns (with due credit of course!) so that everyone can make your winning design too!


First off, everyone who enters is a winner!  Woohoo!!  If you complete an original pair of animal socks and follow the instructions above by July 18th, you will automatically get a free Girly Knits pattern of your choice!  Any pattern you like is yours 🙂

Grand Prize:

The Grand Prize Winner (determined by a panel of judges) will win this awesome goody bag from Knit Picks!

knit picks project bag   knit picks prize goody bag

This goody bag includes:

1 super cute “I Love Knit Picks” project bag

2 balls of the brand new Knit Picks Paragon in Rouge

2 balls of the colorful Knit Picks Felici in Peachy (a special reserve yarn that is no longer available!)

2 balls of the gorgeous Knit Picks Palette in Regal

Runner Up:

The Runner Up will get a super special limited edition Girly Knits Cupcake Knitter’s Tool Tin from The Sexy Knitter’s Etsy Shop!  The cupcake on the cover of the tin is a close up photo of my “Sweet Treats” Knitted Wall Art pattern 🙂

girly knits cupcake knitters tool tin   il_570xN.963125194_nil5

This Knitter’s Tool Tin is the new Deluxe version, which includes all of the handy tools you will need while knitting.  Newly added tools to this tin are the wooden yarn ball needle size checker, and a stitch marker that doubles as a row counter!  To see a detailed list of everything included in the tin, check it out on Etsy here.


Here are some additional questions you may have with answers!  Please comment below if you have any further questions!

I can’t think of another animal besides a cat, panda, owl, koala, pig, and fox which have already been done, what else can I do?

Here are some ideas: Dog (so many breeds to choose from!), Lion, Tiger, Bear, Raccoon, Bunny, Cow, Elephant, Hippo, Monkey, Mouse, Moose, Penguin, Giraffe, Deer, Horse, Zebra, Frog, Bee, Unicorn…I’m sure there are many more, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

What’s the difference between using “Pawsome Pals” and “Check Meowt!” to create my design?

Pawsome Pals” is an ankle sock, and “Check Meowt!” is a knee high sock.  Note that the knee high sock chart has more room for plotting out your animal face since that sock is wider at the top than the ankle sock.  You can make either sock length in any size to enter though!

What yarn should I use?

The recommended yarn for these patterns is Knit Picks Stroll Sock Yarn, which I would highly recommend since it’s super soft, affordable, and comes in TONS of the different colors which is perfect for color work!  If you want to use your own yarn choice, that is acceptable too!

Do I need to do a heel design like the pattern has?

Nope!  If you decide to do one awesome, but it’s surely not required!

Can I make modifications to the pattern?

I’m hoping you will stick to the basic sock pattern as written so others can recreate the winning design by simply using your color chart, but if you want to do a different stripe pattern or another easy modification, that’s fine!

The patterns include a pointed ear and round ear option which covers most animals – but if you want to create a different ear shape that’s totally cool, just make sure to write down what you did so I can provide instructions in the pattern in case you win!

When will the winners be announced?

By July 25th! 🙂

I can’t wait to see your animal socks!!

pawsome pals koala fox pig ankle socks with ears knitting pattern   check meowt cat owl panda knitted knee high socks with ears knitting pattern

Behind the Scenes at Craft University

By Lauren

lauren riker teaching to knitThis past December, I had the honor of traveling out to Ft. Collins, Colorado (home of Interweave Knitting) to film two knitting courses for their online learning platform, Craft University.  I am so grateful to have had this amazing opportunity to teach!  I wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes, because I thought it would be fun for you to learn more about what went into creating these courses 🙂

I was in Ft. Collins for a week, and while there I taught a “Learn to Knit” Course, where I teach all the knitting basics from choosing yarn and needles to how to cast on, how to knit different stitch patterns, and finally how to knit your very own customized hat and glove set!  I also taught a “Learn to Knit Cables” Class where I teach all about cables, and we knit a super cute mug cozy and cowl together.  These courses are now available on the Interweave site!

hats and gloves   cozies

The first step in this process was months of preparation.  First, I had to create an extensive outline for each course, outlining what topics would be covered, what the key learning points would be for each and every video, an estimate of how long each video would be, what items I would need on set for each video, and exactly what I would say.  This part took a while!

lion brand yarn lions pride woolspunOnce I had the course outlines down, the next step was reaching out to a few yarn and knitting needle companies for support on the materials end of creating these courses.  I needed A LOT of yarn and A LOT of knitting needles since I had to knit lots of samples and swatches!  I am very grateful to Lion Brand Yarn for providing their lovely “Lion’s Pride Woolspun” in a variety of colors to teach with for both of these courses, and Susan Bates for providing knitting needles, stitch holders, and cable needles for the courses.  Knit Picks also provided yarn for a show and tell video that we made showing various types of yarns, and provided their super cool Chart Keeper that I used during my cables course so we could read through the cable chart together.

yarn show and tell   knit picks chart keeper

Even though I’ve made a lot of you tube tutorials, I’ve never done that much planning and preparation, so this was a new experience.  For example, when I was teaching my Bra Top Tutorial, I just knitted the bra top off camera, and stopped every so often to film what I was doing at places where I wanted to show special techniques.  When you are on TV, or for a course like this where everything has to be filmed in a condensed amount of time, you have to knit everything ahead of time in steps.  For example, when I was teaching the hat, I had to knit it at 3 stages – after the ribbing portion was finished and we were ready to knit the main part of the hat, at the point where we were ready to start decreasing for the crown of the hat, and up to the last few rows of the hat so that we could finish the hat together.

As you can see below, each item was knit up to 2 or 3 points in the pattern so that when teaching in the video, I could seamlessly move from demonstrating one technique to the next without stopping to knit up to the next point (which, as you know, could take hours!).  And in case you’re wondering, yes, that’s my cat’s paw in the photos.  She has to make her way into every photo! 😉

hat and glove steps   cable steps

After all of the knitting was done, the next step was to put together Girly Knits patterns for each of the new designs I was teaching, and writing up multiple course handouts for the students to reference during the course.  I just love teaching knitting and get so excited about someone learning for the first time, so I had a lot of fun with this.

rack of outfitsThen the last step was…OUTFITS!  Even though it wasn’t required that I change outfits for each video, I uh sortof ummm, insisted that I did.  I’m a fashion designer, what can I say!  There was a total of 10 segments, plus a few extra videos that we made for marketing purposes, so I planned accordingly 🙂  I tried to mostly wear items that I had knitted or store bought knits that I liked, but threw in some of my favorite everyday clothes in there as well.


And then of course the very very last step was getting a gel manicure right before I flew out so that my nails would look nice and pretty for their close ups!  I got purple because, you know, it’s my favorite color and I can’t help but always picking it for like, everything.  A lot of people on set asked me if I had intentionally chosen this color to match my knitting but I didn’t – I just always have purple everything!

purple nails purple knitting   purple everything

welcome laurenI flew out there on a Monday, and the first day was just for me to unpack and get acquainted with the set.  This was my first time doing anything like this (aside from being a guest on Knitting Daily TV), so it was really nice to have a chance to set myself up for the next morning and get organized rather than jump right in.  They had a green room set up for me with a little welcome sign and plenty of space to put all of my things, so I felt right at home.

The next morning, the first course of action was getting beautified, woohoo!  Interweave has a fabulous makeup artist Keegan, who actually specializes in doing bridal makeup!   I loved that because I’m a super girly girl – I’m all about the full coverage, hot pink lips, and false eyelashes – she totally got me and we were insta-friends!  She also airbrushed my face which was a first for me and super fun!  And in case you’re wondering who did my hair, I can take credit for that – all of the years of practice curling my hair for shows with my dance troupe have paid off 😉

getting airbrushed makeup   in the makeup seat

teaching knitting

Next step…filming!  I was definitely nervous as first because I’m so used to making videos on my own at home with no one watching – I often will film the same thing multiple times because I totally lose track of what I’m talking about, say a word that makes no sense at all, or make a weird face (which I have the control to edit out at least!)  This was very different because there were quite a few people watching, I had to release control over how it was edited, and we did most segments in one take.  If I made a a flub or mistake, I just corrected it and kept going!  And that’s totally fine, I think it comes off more natural that way anyway 🙂

I have this irrational fear that once the camera is on and people are watching I suddenly won’t be able to make coherent sentences, but I actually find the opposite to be true.  Despite my fear of speaking in front of people and being shy, I love being on camera!  Once we did the first segment I felt totally at ease and in the zone.  It was interesting because the talent coordinator was telling me how some people are used to teaching to real people at workshops so they don’t feel comfortable talking to a camera, but since I have mostly taught knitting to cameras, I realized I was pretty in my element there!

Below is a candid moment with Lindsay, the producer, and Garrett the camera man trying on one of my hats – the Large size is perfect for a man!  And he didn’t mind the purple, haha.

   garrett camera man

Filming on this set was really neat because as you might be able to tell from the photos, there were multiple cameras on me at all times, including one above me to get close in shots of me knitting.  So I could just do my thing while Garrett made sure to get close up shots of whatever I was talking about or doing.  Lindsay was in the control room watching all 3 camera angles to make sure that everything was shot nicely and that everything I was saying and doing was clear for the students.  We made a great team!

in the control room   tv in the control room

In addition to teaching the courses, we made a fun you tube video of me showing how to make a mini garter stitch bow that you can pin in your hair.  Here is Garrett below getting some “interesting” angles for this video!  The finished video is now on you tube and you can check it out here!

Lastly, Interweave had their in house photographer take some up close photos of me demonstrating casting on, knitting, and purling for the students to reference after watching the videos.  The photos came out really neat!

on camera   demonstrating knitting

After 3 straight days of filming I was pretty spent, but as you can probably tell, we had a lot of fun and I was doing what I loved so it didn’t feel like much work as all 🙂  After the last day of filming, the talent coordinator Jill  (who is to credit for taking most of these behind the scenes photos, thanks Jill!) took me out for a night on the town in Ft. Collins!  They have an adorable downtown where we did beer tasting at a local brewery, had a delicious dinner, and got to enjoy the festive holiday decor.

downtown ft collins

I hope you enjoyed getting a peek behind what goes into filming an online knitting course, and if you have any more questions about the process, ask away!  If you are interested in learning how to knit, I hope you will join me in my “Learn to Knit” course which starts on April 15th!  If you already know how to knit but know someone who would like to learn, I would love if you shared this course with them, it’s a lot of fun!  And make sure to be on the lookout for my upcoming course, “Learn to Knit Cables” 🙂

learn to knit with lauren♥Lauren


New Sock Collection “Look at Those Legs!”

By Lauren

look-at-those-legs-ebook-coverSo back in January I sent out a newsletter with a survey asking you what you wanted to learn about though video.  I got lots of great feedback from you, and the #1 request was “How to Knit Socks“!  In the process of creating a video tutorial for you I became OBSESSED with knitting socks.  So much so that I decided to design a whole collection of all socks! BTW, the tutorial I made for you is in a previous post here 🙂

This collection includes everything from adorable animal socks, to sweet cable heart motifs, to lace frilly trims, to an amazing heart knee patch! Each pattern in the collection includes 3 different options to suit your preferences, cause you know a girls gotta have options!  The animal socks feature 3 different animal options within each pattern, while the cable knit socks feature 3 different sock lengths within each pattern. They all come in girls and adult sizes, have helpful photo and video tutorials in the pattern, and include lots of information to make them a perfect fit for you or your recipient.

You can pick up the whole collection for $18 on Ravelry here or as individual patterns for $6 each in my Raverly shop here.  Below is a video I made doing a show and tell of the new collection, with more information about each design below the video 🙂


“Pawsome Pals” Koala, Fox, and Pig Animal Socks

pawsome pals koala fox pig ankle socks with ears knitting patternTreat your feet to all that is sweet with these adorable animal socks! Your feet will be so happy to have 2 new furry friends, or “Pawsome Pals” you might call them 😉 These ultra cute socks feature 3 animal options – a Koala, a Fox, and a Pig, with their irresistible poking up ears. They also each feature a lovable little saying on the heel, including “Hug Me”, “Foxy Lady”, and “Oink!” for extra charm. These socks come in every size to accommodate the whole family, from 3 years old to adult, so no one will be left without a set of cuddly critters! The socks are knit from the toe up with the option of adding a contrast toe and heel for extra style. Learn more about this pattern here!

pawsome pals knitted koala socks with ears knitting pattern 2 cropped again  pawsome pals knitted fox socks with ears knitting pattern 2 cropped  pawsome pals knitted fox socks with ears knitting pattern 6  pawsome pals knitted fox socks with ears knitting pattern 7pawsome pals knitted pig socks with ears knitting pattern 1  pawsome pals knitted pig socks with ears knitting pattern 2

“Check Meowt!” Cat, Owl, and Panda Knee High Socks

check meowt cat owl panda knitted knee high socks with ears knitting patternYou can count on everyone checking you out when you rock these amazingly awesome animal knee high socks! Not only will people admire your extraordinary knitting talent, they will be complimenting you on how adorable you look too! This super fun sock pattern features 3 animals to choose from, including a Cat, an Owl, and a Panda Bear. Each animal sock features a cute and clever message on the heel, including “Meow”, “Hoot!” and “Rawr”, as well as a pair of sweet little animal ears that poke out from the top of the sock. Sizes are included from child to adult so the whole family can be in on the fun. I hope you have a hoot making these socks! Learn more about this pattern here.

check meowt knitted cat knee high socks knitting pattern 2  check meowt knitted cat knee high socks knitting pattern 4  check meowt knitted owl knee high socks knitting pattern 2 check meowt knitted owl knee high socks knitting pattern 6  check meowt knitted panda knee high socks knitting pattern 1check meowt knitted panda knee high socks knitting pattern 2  check meowt knitted panda knee high socks knitting pattern 3

“Roller Girl” Heart Knee Patch Striped Socks

roller girl knitted thigh high striped socks with heart knee patch 1Get ready to head down to the derby with these super fun and fabulous color blocked socks! These socks are perfect for embracing your inner roller girl, or expressing your sporty yet sweet self. The heart knee patch will keep your knees styling and safe with the extra layer of love and protection it provides, and the seed stitch panels will flatter your lovely legs. Each sock uses the same colors in slightly different ways for a fun and quirky mis-matched look, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd in these socks! Knit with Knit Picks Hawthorne Kettle Dye, they have a beautiful subtle color variegation. These socks come in ankle, knee high, and over the knee length in a girls and adult size to give you lots of options, woohoo! Learn more about this pattern here.




roller girl knitted thigh high striped socks with heart knee patch 2  roller girl knitted thigh high striped socks with heart knee patch 3  roller girl knitted thigh high striped socks with heart knee patch 4roller girl knitted striped ankle socks 1  roller girl knitted striped knee high socks 1

“Young at Heart” Heart Cable Lace Placket Socks

young at heart cable knit over the knee socks with lace trim 1 squareIndulge in your love for all things girly and that part of your heart that will always stay young, with these adorable lace trim socks! These super sweet knitted leg treats feature a seed stitch heart cable pattern running up the back of your leg and a faux toe seam for ultimate charm. They are finished off with a knitted lace placket with buttons, which will look super cute peeking out of your boots! They come in every length from ankle, to knee high, to over the knee to suit your sock length preferences, in all sizes from girls to adult. Knit with Knit Picks Hawthorne Sport in vibrant variegated shades, all of your girly desires will be met with these gorgeous socks! Learn more about this pattern here.

young at heart cable knit over the knee socks with lace trim 3  young at heart cable knit over the knee socks with lace trim 5  young at heart cable knit knee high socks with lace trim 1 young at heart cable knit over the knee socks with lace trim toe detail  young at heart cable knit knee high socks with lace trim 3young at heart cable knit ankle socks with lace trim 3  young at heart cable knit socks with lace trim cuff detail

“Diamond in the Ruffle” Cable Knit Socks

diamond in the ruffle cable knit over the knee socks knitting pattern 1 Treat your legs to luxury with these fabulous cable knit socks! This sock pattern will not only make your legs irresistible, it is an irresistible knit too! With an exquisite diamond cable and seed stitch pattern, and a fashionable knitted ruffle lace trim, these socks are so fun to knit that you won’t be able to put them down! This pattern includes options to knit these socks in ankle, knee high, or over the knee length to suit your sock wearing preferences. This design also gives you multiple yarn choices to choose from, from the super warm Patons Kroy Socks, to the light and breezy Knit Picks Stroll, to the gorgeous and breathable Knit Picks Hawthorne Kettle Dyed. Learn more about this pattern here!




diamond in the ruffle cable knit over the knee socks knitting pattern 2  diamond in the ruffle cable knit over the knee socks knitting pattern 4 croppeddiamond in the ruffle cable knee high socks knitting pattern 3 cropped  diamond in the ruffle cable knee high socks knitting pattern 1diamond in the ruffle cable ankle socks knitting pattern 1  diamond in the ruffle cable ankle socks knitting pattern 2

You can pick up the whole sock pattern collection for $18 on Ravelry here or as individual patterns for $6 each in my Raverly shop here.  And if you have never knit socks before, have no fear!  This video tutorial walks you through all of the special techniques used for knitting toe up socks which are the exact techniques I used for all of these patterns.

Hope you enjoy the new collection!


How to Knit Toe Up Socks Video Tutorial

By Lauren

how to knit toe up socks knitting tutorialHey There!  Today I am super excited to teach you how to knit toe up socks!  Toe up socks are awesome because you can truly try them on as you go to ensure perfect fit, and you can customize the sock height based on how much yarn you have left 😉

There are 3 main techniques used to knit toe up socks which I show you in the video below – Judy’s Magic Cast On, Increasing for the Toe, and a Short Row Heel.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.55.19 PM

Judy’s Magic Cast On

Judy’s Magic Cast On – This cast on method truly is magic!  This cast on will create a seamless toe, and the stitches are ready to knit like normal as soon as you cast on! (video: 2:36)

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Increase for the Toe

Increase for the Toe – I show you my favorite way to increase for the toe, by knitting into the front and back of the first and last stitch on each side of the sock.  A total of 4 increases are made for each increase round, which will occur every other round until the total number of stitches for the foot are reached. (video: 5:10)

After increasing for the Toe, you will just be knitting in the round until you are ready to start the heel.  You generally want to start the heel when the sock measures 1.5-1.75″ less than your total foot length.

sock heel detail

Short Row Heel

Short Row Heel – I love this heel method because it creates a really clean, simple heel.  Short rows are used to turn the heel so that you can start knitting the leg of the sock.  If you are scared of knitting short rows, have no fear – I walk you through every step of the heel in the video! (video: 10:54)

After working the short row heel, you are ready to knit in the round again until you reach your desired height of sock!  Woohoo!


Are you ready to knit up some super awesome socks?!  The 3 techniques I show you in the video are the exact techniques I used for all of the socks in my brand new sock collection “Look at Those Legs!”  You can find the entire collection of 5 patterns on Ravelry here or click the images below for more info about each pattern. 🙂

check meowt cat owl panda knitted knee high socks with ears knitting patternpawsome pals koala fox pig ankle socks with ears knitting pattern







      young at heart cable knit socks with lace trim collagediamond in the ruffle cable knit over the knee socks knitting pattern collage

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you and that you’re excited about knitting socks! 🙂


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