Bow Back Sweater and Dress Patterns!


knit picks high desert peek a bow back sweater knitting pattern

If you are familiar with my knitting patterns, you will know that there’s nothing I love more than bows and back interest, and especially when the two come together! This is a design I have been wanting to create for the longest time, and I’m so excited to have it available now as both a hand knitting and machine knitting pattern, and as a sweater and dress! The hand knitting patterns are called “Peek a Bow” sweater and dress, and the machine knitting patterns are called “Put a Bow on It” sweater and dress.

knit picks bow back sweater knitting pattern

The beauty of this design is that the middle bow is strategically placed so that it will cover your bra closure, so you can show off your backside while still wearing a bra. The keyholes and bows are added once the sweater is complete so you can ensure they hit the right spot. If you want to show just a smaller peek of your backside, you can alternatively make 1 keyhole (pictured right), which is another version in the pattern that is just as cute, or no keyhole at all. Part of what makes this design so adorable is the puff sleeves, so even without the keyholes it’s the perfect girly sweater!

These patterns call for a worsted weight yarn, and I’ve used a variety of them to show you the possibilities. I always encourage knitters to use their favorite yarn though I’m happy to share mine – as long as you can get the gauge with your yarn (19 sts and 27 rows = 4″ in Stockinette Stitch) you are good to go!

knit picks high desert yarn in lupine and dusk

This super fun pink/purple color combo used for the hand knitted sweater is a brand new yarn from Knit Picks. It is called “High Desert” Worsted, and is a 100% American grown and spun wool yarn. I had the honor of being among the first to be able to try it out. I received the Lupine and Dusk colors, and had so much fun knitting with it! It’s surprisingly soft, and has a great bounce to it. And these colors! So girly and fun.

malabrigo bow back dress knitting pattern

For the pink hand knitted dress, I used Malabrigo Worsted. This yarn is so soft and luxurious, and has the most beautiful variegation of color! I used the Pink Frost color which is a gorgeous dusty pink and a perfect match for this girly design.

bow back dress with puff sleeves lk150 machine knitting pattern

For this machine knitted dress, I used Knit Picks Brava Worsted. I love that this yarn is so affordable and easy to care for – you can put it through the washer and dryer without worry, and it looks and feels great for a 100% acrylic yarn. I also love that it comes in so many fun colors, and especially the heathers. For this dress I used Dove Heather with Cobblestone Heather, and also made dresses using Fairy Tale and Wine (for a Christmas Dress!) that you will find on the pattern page!

fuzzy bow back sweater with puff sleeves lk150 machine knitting pattern
lk150 machine knitting sweater pattern

Lastly, for the machine knit version of the sweater, I used Caron “Latte Cakes” which has become one of my favorite yarns to work with. It is so unbelievably soft and fuzzy, and surprisingly holds up in the wash as well! I’ve had some favorite fuzzy store bought sweaters that sadly only survived one wash so I was skeptical when I first bought this yarn. I threw a swatch in to see what would happen and was delighted to see that it came back exactly the same! I also used this yarn for my favorite Winter hat and it has held up great.

I also made the machine knit sweater with Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Tide Pool with Lion Brand Heartland in Great Smoky Mountain for the bows. This sweater has more of a sporty look which is super fun – the possibilities are endless with mixing and matching yarns and bow colors!

I hope you enjoy these new bow back designs! I had so much fun creating them, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you make a bow back dress or sweater, please make sure to share it on Ravelry or tag me on Instagram so I can see, there’s nothing I love more than seeing your creations!

Happy Knitting!

💜 Lauren

P.S. I also created a video showing you how to make a bow on a knitting machine, and I show you exactly how I create the keyholes and attach the bows to the back of the sweater/dress which you can reference if you’re making the hand knitted versions too. Hope you enjoy!

How to Knit a Top and Skirt Set on a Knitting Machine – Beginner LK150 Tutorial


sweater top and skirt lk150 machine knitting pattern

Hi There! I’m so excited to be back today with another machine knitting tutorial! I’ve just come out with a brand new 5-part video series covering all the techniques used to make my new top and skirt set design “You Glow Girl“. This pattern comes in 10 sizes ranging to fit a 32-50″ bust and 34-52” hips, which you can find on Ravelry here! If you get the pattern you can make it alongside me in this video series where I walk you through every step. This set is also available as a hand knitting pattern here.

The yarn I use in the demo and pictured here is Lion Brand “Date Nights” in the Lapis color. It is so sparkly and fun and I absolutely loved knitting with it! It also has great elasticity which is perfect for this fitted design.

sweater top and skirt lk150 machine knitting pattern

We start by making the Top, and in Video #1 we make the front of the Top. The techniques I cover are how to cast on and knit mock ribbing, how to knit the increase rows at the bust and customize the length of the top, how to bind off for the underarms, shape the underarms, put the left side and neckline on hold, and how to shape the neckline. I then show you how to knit the short row shoulder shaping, how to scrap off the shoulder and neckline, and lastly how to knit the other side mirroring the shaping and short rows.

In Video #2, we make the back of the Top and I show you how to knit this optional keyhole. I show you how to scrap off half of your knitting to create the keyhole, tips for customizing your keyhole size, how to do the short row shoulder shaping, place your back neckline stitches on hold, shape the back neckline, and scrap off the shoulder and back neckline. I then show you how to rehang your other side and mirror the shaping and holding. Lastly, I show you how to join the shoulders using a 3-needle bind off to prepare for knitting the neckband.

In Video #3, we knit the neckband! I’ve seen a lot of requests for how to knit a neckband on an LK150, and am so happy to be able to show you how it’s done in this tutorial. I cover every detail of how to pick up the neckband of your sweater, including how to pick up selvedge stitches, held stitches, the ratio at which to pick them up, and how to pick up before and after the scrapped off neckline stitches to ensure a smooth transition. I then show you how to knit the neckband and offer tips for fixing dropped stitches. Lastly I show you how to join the other shoulder using a 3-needle bind off, seam the neckband to the inside of your sweater top, and lastly seam the neckband edges together.

sweater top and skirt lk150 machine knitting pattern

In Video #4, we talk about the sleeves! I cover how to knit the two decrease rows at the top of the sleeve on your knitting machine to create the puff sleeve look, how to bind off, and exactly how I seam the sleeves to the Top using mattress stitch.

Lastly, in Video #5 we cover how to knit the skirt waistband. I show you how you can use ravel cord to help you pick up your waistband, how to knit the waistband, pick up and hang the first row of the waistband, join the picked up row, then how to bind off using a backstitch bind off to finish the waistband. I then explain how the skirt is seamed together and lastly offer tips for inserting elastic into your waistband for extra support if you desire.

I’ve also made this set using Lion Brand “Pound of Love” in Maize (pictured right), which turned out super cute as well!

If you would like the pattern for just the top, it’s available that way too. The tops pictured below were made using Knit Picks “Brava Worsted” in Cobblestone Heather and Eggplant. I am wearing the 3rd size in the pattern, and the purple top is made in the 8th size.

I hope you enjoy this new design! To see all of my LK150 machine knitting patterns, check them out here.

sweater top  lk150 machine knitting pattern
sweater top  lk150 machine knitting pattern
sweater top  lk150 machine knitting pattern

Happy Knitting!

💜 Lauren

How to Knit a Lace Dress on a Knitting Machine – Beginner LK150 Tutorial


Hey there!  I’m super excited to be back again today with another machine knitting tutorial!  This time we’ll be knitting lace which is so much fun!  There are so many interesting things you can do with your knitting machine, and lace is one of those techniques that it so rewarding and fun to watch take form.

In this video tutorial, I’ll be walking you through all of the techniques used in my new dress design “Wild Irises”, which is available as a Girls Dress Pattern and Adult Dress Pattern.  Not only is this a machine knitting pattern, it is a hand knitting pattern as well and you will get both when you purchase the pattern!

  In the video tutorial, I first show you how to cast on and do a decorative picot hem. Then I walk you through every row of the lace chart and how to read the symbols. Next I show you how to scrap off and rehang your knitting to create a gather, then how to finish your knitting with a picot edging. Lastly I show you how to add I-Cord straps directly onto your knitting, and all of the finishing techniques I used for the dress.

Here is the chart below for you to follow along with while watching the video tutorial.  In the video I take you through each lace row and explain what the symbols mean, so no worries if it doesn’t make sense yet!I hope you enjoy this tutorial and that you have as much fun as I did knitting this lace pattern!  If you do make this dress, please share photos on Ravelry or Instagram where I’m @girlyknits, I would love to see what you make! 😊 To see all of my LK150 machine knitting patterns, check them out here.

Happy Knitting!

💜 Lauren

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

Girls Dress Pattern:

Women’s Dress Pattern:

Yarn Used in Demo: Lion Brand Low Tide

Yarn used for other Dresses: Knit Picks Brava Worsted

7-Prong Transfer Tool

Handheld Steamer

Here is a list of times of everything demonstrated in the video in case you’re looking for help with a specific technique:

Casting on with waste yarn – 4:42

Using ravel cord – 5:35

Joining main yarn to knit picot hem – 5:45

Eyelet row for picot – 6:11

Fold and hang hem – 7:22

Joining row – 8:01

Knitting lace chart – 8:43

Row 0 – 9:24

How to do a double decrease – 10:36

Row 2 – 16:23

Row 4 – 21:23

Row 6 – 26:08

Row 8 – 28:33

Row 10 – 30:48

Row 12 – 34:40

Row 14 – 36:30

Row 16 – 38:16

Row 18 – 39:04

Row 20 – 40:30

Rows 22-31 – 42:05

Removing waste yarn – 43:02

Row 32 – 43:29

Rows 34-45 – 47:10

Rows 46-66 – 49:27

Steam blocking your lace – 51:40

Gathering the skirt – 53:47

Scrapping off with waste yarn- 53:56

Removing work from machine – 54:35

Rehanging knitting – 54:49

How to hang 2 stitches together – 55:34

Knitting gathered row and bodice – 56:33

Removing waste yarn from gather – 57:25

Eyelet row for picot edge – 57:54

Last row to prepare for chain bind off – 58:55

How to do a chain bind off – 59:34

Seaming picot edge – 1:01:33

I-cord straps – 1:04:32

Picking up stitches for straps – 1:05:15

Setting up to knit in I-cord – 1:05:56

Binding off straps – 1:06:43

Finishing straps and tying knot – 1:07:48

Seaming strap to inside of picot – 1:08:37

Conclusion – 1:10:51

Knitted Shorts and Pants!


In my last post I shared how to make knitted shorts and pants on a knitting machine, and they turned out so cute that I decided to make them into hand knitting patterns too!

These knitted pants are shorts are super cute, and are so much fun to make.  They are the same as the machine knit designs, but are knitted in the round from the top down so that they are seamless and you can try them on as you go.  A much smaller needle is used for the waistband so that it creates an elastic-like fabric so they can stay up on their own, with instructions included for inserting elastic if you wish, or adding eyelets to insert a drawstring because drawstrings are super cute too!

The pants have a relaxed fit and are so comfy and cozy, you won’t want to take them off!  If you want them to fit more like leggings (perfect for Winter outings!) knitting them a size down will do the trick 😊

The shorts feature Knit Picks Chroma Twist Worsted which is a new Superwash Merino Wool yarn that comes in 10 fabulous color combinations.  Each colorway has a twisted color changing gradation that is so much fun to watch take form.  This yarn is super soft and luxurious and was such a delight to work with.  I bought a couple skeins because I was obsessed with the pink and purple Lupine color (💜 💕!!) and ended up making these shorts, which I think are the perfect project for it!

If you would like a non-wool yarn, Lion Brand Ferris Wheel is a great alternative.  I used this yarn to knit the pants in the Carousel colorway.  Like Chroma Twist Worsted , this yarn naturally forms a gorgeous color changing gradient, and comes in tons of fun color combinations.  Any option you choose will guarantee you a beautiful and unique pair of knitted pants that you will treasure.  Both the shorts and pants use a worsted weight yarn, so either yarn can be used for either pattern.

You can find the patterns for the knitted shorts and pants on Ravelry or Etsy as “Ombre All Day” Shorts and “Ombre All Day” Pants.

You could of course knit these designs in solid colored yarns as well and they would be just as cozy and cute!  For inspiration, here are machine knit versions of these designs.  The dark grey pants were knitted using Lion Brand Pound of Love in Charcoal, the burgundy leggings were knit using Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Currant, the grey shorts the same yarn in Cobbestone Heather, and the pink shorts were made with Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca in Blush.


Hope you enjoy these fun new patterns!

💜 Lauren

How to Knit Shorts and Pants on a Knitting Machine – Beginner LK150 Tutorial


lk150 machine knitting patternHey Guys!  I’m super excited to be back with another machine knitting tutorial!  This time we’re talking about shorts and pants, woohoo!  I have two brand new designs, “Cozy Up With Me” Shorts and “Cozy Up With Me” Pants.  They come in sizes 0-26 and have tons of options for making them custom to you.  The techniques used for both designs are the same so you can use this video tutorial for either pattern.  And, if you’re a hand knitter, I’ve got you too!  These are also available as knitting patterns (featured in fun colorful yarns!) as “Ombre All Day” Shorts and “Ombre All Day” Pants.

In the video I demonstrate making the size Small Shorts, and walk you through every step including how to cast on with waste yarn, knit and join the bottom leg bands (including how to do a picot hem), how to bind off for the crotch, shape the front and back, do short rows at the top of the shorts, knit the waistband, add an eyelet for a drawstring, how to fold and join the waistband on the machine, and bind off using a backstitch bind off. I then show you how to seam the 2 legs together, and finally demonstrate the steps for knitting an i-cord drawstring on your machine. I hope you find this video tutorial helpful and that you learn some new things!

lk150 machine knitting pattern  lk150 machine knitting patternlk150 machine knitting pattern  lk150 machine knitting patternThe yarn I use in this tutorial is Lion Brand “Touch of Alpaca” in Blush, the grey shorts pictured use Knit Picks “Brava Worsted” in Cobblestone Heather, and the yarn I used for the knitted pants is Lion Brand “Pound of Love” in Charcoal (and I only used 1 skein!)  These are all great options that come in beautiful heather colorways, but any worsted weight yarn you like will work.

If you make either the of these designs please post a photo on Ravelry, or tag me on instagram, @girlyknits!  There is nothing I love more than seeing your creations!  To see all of my LK150 machine knitting patterns, check them out here.

Here is a list of times of everything I demonstrate in the video 😊 :

Casting on with waste yarn – 2:59

Using ravel cord – 4:05

Joining main yarn to knit the bottom band – 4:25

Knitting a row of eyelets for a picot hem – 5:07

Picking up and joining the hem – 6:10

Joining Row – 7:26

Knitting the inseam and tips for length – 7:55

Binding off crotch – 8:49

Decreasing at front and back – 11:28

Additional back decreases – 12:16

Removing waste yarn – 13:55

Short Rows – 14:14

Knitting the waistband – 17:44

Eyelet for drawstring – 19:25

Picking up row to join waistband – 20:36

Joining waistband – 24:15

Backstitch bind off – 24:46

Removing shorts from machine – 26:56

Seaming inseam – 27:15

Seaming backs together – 28:50

I-cord drawstring – 30:45

E-wrap cast on – 31:05

Drawstring tips – 32:35

Conclusion – 33:39

💜 Lauren

How to Knit a Bra Top on a Knitting Machine – Beginner LK150 Tutorial


Hey y’all!  Today I am super excited to share my very first machine knitting tutorial!  This past Fall I took an intensive machine knitting course at FIT here in New York, and have been obsessed ever since.  I purchased an LK150 knitting machine and have had so much fun learning what I can create with it.  You can finish most projects in a day which is AMAZING!

I wanted to create a tutorial for the beginner machine knitter, covering some basic techniques that you can do with your machine.  I’ve adapted one of my most popular knitting patterns, the “Girly Knits Bra Top”, as it is a great piece to learn and practice on, and it’s super cute!


In the video I show you step by step how to make this design, including casting on, doing mock ribbing, increasing, decreasing, putting your knitting on hold to work one side at a time, and knitting in I-cord (so fast and fun!)  I also cover seaming your bra top and using Kitchener stitch to join the front to the back.  See the bottom of this post for the times in the video of each technique!  The yarn I use in the video is Lion Brand “Pound of Love” in Oxford Grey.

If you don’t have an LK150, no worries at all!  These techniques apply to any flat bed knitting machine, and if you get the pattern, I have instructions for adapting this pattern for any yarn/gauge you’re working with.  The pattern is called the “Get it Girl” Bra Top which you can find on Ravelry here!  To see all of my LK150 machine knitting patterns, check them out here.

I didn’t want to leave anyone out, so this pattern is available as a hand knitting pattern too!  As this pattern is based off of the “Girly Knits Bra Top“, it is very similar, though this pattern now includes extended sizes, a different back making joining the straps easier, instructions for knitting the pattern flat if you don’t have circular needles, tips for measuring your bust to adjust the pattern to fit your personal cup size, and instructions for how to adapt this pattern to any yarn/gauge.  Want to use fingering, sport, or bulky yarn, or create a size not listed in the pattern?  No worries!  I have included a guide for calculations you can do so you can plug your numbers into the pattern and make it work for you.

I also have a new pattern for a tank dress that uses the same machine knitting techniques covered in the video, available as a machine knitting and hand knitting pattern called the “Dream On” Tank Dress.  For this dress I used Knit Picks “Brava Worsted” in Cobblestone Heather.


I hope you enjoy this tutorial!  If you make either the “Get it Girl” Bra Top or the “Dream On” Tank Dress, please post a photo on Ravelry, or tag me on instagram, @girlyknits!  There is nothing I love more than seeing your creations!

Here are techniques and times in the video 😊:

Casting On: 4:10

Ravel Cord: 7:10

Mock Ribbing: 8:38

Folding and Joining Mock Ribbing: 10:25

Knitting Joining Row: 13:00

Decrease at Left Side: 14:04

Knitting Body of Bra Top: 14:54

Increasing: 15:15

Removing Waste Yarn: 17:55

First Underarm Dec Row: 19:00

Putting Left Side in Holding: 19:40

Decreasing at Underarm and Neckline on Right Side: 20:40

I-Cord Straps: 25:22

Removing Straps from Machine: 27:45

Working Left Side: 28:48

Working Left Strap in I-Cord: 32:35

Finished Front: 33:45

Remove Back from Machine: 34:40

Seaming Sides using Mattress Stitch: 35:29

Joining Strap to Back using Kitchener Stitch: 38:10

Weaving in Ends: 41:52

💜 Lauren

My Online Courses with Interweave are Free Right Now!


Hi There!  I’m super excited to share with you that my 2 courses I taught for Interweave, “Learn to Knit: My First Hat and Glove Set” and “Learn to Knit Cables: Mug Cozy and Cowl” are currently free!

During this challenging time I was thinking about what I could do to help.  I was thinking about all of you currently at home looking for an activity to do with your kids or in search of a new skill to focus on to calm your nerves.  I reached out to Interweave asking if they would consider making my courses available for free, and to my delight they agreed!

These courses are great for all ages, with step by step video instructions on how to knit a hat, fingerless gloves, a mug cozy, and cowl.  I have added these patterns to Ravelry so that you can add your projects, but please note that the patterns are included for free as part of the course!

If you are already a seasoned knitter, I invite you to share this post with somebody you know who has been wanting to learn, or who has a child who might enjoy taking up knitting.  I learned to knit when I was 9 and it has been a lifelong gift!

Sending love to you and hoping you are staying safe and healthy during this time.


P.S. For a fun look at the behind the scenes of filming these two courses, check out my other blog post here 😊


KnitCrate Artisan Crate Review – July 2018


“Modern Primary” is the theme of this months KnitCrates, and I was so delighted to receive the Artisan Crate which contained a yarn in my very favorite color – purple!!

This yarn is absolutely stunning.  It is called Aerie by Shalimar Yarns in the “Love & Happiness” colorway (awww 🙂 ).  This color has subtle variations between blues, purples, and a pale grey.  It actually reminds me of a unicorn, and who doesn’t love unicorns?! 😉

The yarn is super soft and luxurious, made up of 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Kid Mohair, and 10% Silk.  What a fabulous combo!  Each skein is also 420 yards, giving you a total of 840 yarns to play with.

2 knitting patterns are included by designer Jen Giezen, a Beginner cowl, and an Intermediate/Advanced Cardigan pattern.  The Cowl pattern is called “Wisteria Cowl” and has a really fun textured pattern.  The cardigan pattern is called “Wisteria Cardigan” and features the same textural stitch pattern in Cardigan form!

I was so delighted when I saw the extra goodie this month – a koozie!  Who doesn’t need a koozie during the Summer months, and especially a knitting one!  It says “Give Me Sunshine, a View, and Good Yarn” and I couldn’t agree more 😉

If you would like this gorgrous KnitCrate exclusive box, make sure to order it by the end of the month!  The crate is $39.99 including shipping (for a $84 total value) and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face 🙂  Also, if it’s your first KnitCrate, you can get 20% off by using coupon code GIRLY20 woohoo!  Check out this crate and all of the other options from this month here.

Happy Knitting! 🙂 





KnitCrate Membership Box Review – December 2017 + Free Hat Pattern!


knitcrate membership box contents december 2017 This month I am excited to be reviewing KnitCrate’s newest addition – their Membership Box!  This box is only $24.99/month, and includes 2 skeins of premium yarn, 2 exclusive patterns (1 knit and 1 crochet), plus free shipping worldwide!  The value of this month’s box was $63, so it’s quite a deal 🙂

I was so delighted when I received this month’s yarn – it is “La Brebis”, a super bulky (and super cozy) soft spun yarn in a beautiful heather grey colorway called “Storm”.  The yarn is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool at 60 yards per 100 gram hank, with a suggested needle size of US 15. I actually used size 10.5 needles to make an improvised hat, and it only took 2 hours! (see below for the pattern 🙂 )

2 hanks of this yarn were provided, with 2 pattern options – a knitted earflap hat and a crochet cowl.  The hat is called the “Tempest Hat” by Emily Johannes and the Cowl is the “Frost Flower Cowl” by CJ Brady. Both are super cute and cozy and fit in with this months theme of “Little Village” – I can totally imagine these 2 accessories being worn in a snowy little village!

Turns out this crate is already sold out (the new Membership Crate has been very popular!), but you can sign up for the membership to get future boxes here.  Also, if this is your first time trying KnitCrate, you can get 20% off your order by using coupon code GIRLY20 at checkout, woohoo!

girly knits easy knitted hat with pom pomSoooo before I received this crate I was struggling with what to make for my Secret Santa, but after receiving this lovely yarn, I thought hey, I should use this!  My co-worker loves grey, and I figured a simple knitted hat topped off with a pom pom would be the perfect present.  I actually got the pom pom from H&M – it was on a keychain and only $5.99! 🙂

This was such simple and quick (and cute!) knit that I thought I would share the pattern with you – it has a generous fit and should fit a male or female adult.  Here it is!


70 yards of Super Bulky Weight yarn

1 large pom pom

Needles: US 10.5 (6.5mm) 16″ circular needle

Gauge: 2.5 sts/inch, 4 rows/inch

Finished Measurements: 21″ circumference, 9″ long


Cast on 54 sts.  Place marker for start and join, taking care not to twist stitches.

Work in k 1, p 1 rib for 4 rounds.

Knit until hat measures 7″ from beginning.

Decrease for Crown:

Round 1: [K4, k2tog] x 9 – 45 sts.

Round 2: Knit.

Round 3: [K3, k2tog] x 9 – 36 sts.

Round 4: Knit.

Round 5: [K2, k2tog] x 9 – 27 sts.

Round 6: Knit.

Round 7: [K1, k2tog] x 9 – 18 sts.

Round 8: Knit.

Round 9: [K2tog] x 9 – 9 sts.

Round 10: [K2tog] x 4, k1 – 5 sts.

Break yarn, leaving approximately 4″. Thread yarn with a tapestry needle and draw through remaining sts, then to inside of hat.  Pull tightly, tie a knot, and weave in tail to inside of hat.  Weave cast on tail to inside of hat.

If you got a pom pom keychain like I did, detach chains so that only one chain loop is left.  Cut a 6″ piece of yarn to draw through loop, then tie on to top of hat, double knotting yarn on inside of hat. Weave in ends.  (If you don’t have a loop, you can use a sewing needle and thread to sew the pom pom onto the top of your hat).

And you’re done!  That was easy, right?  Hope you enjoy!  Happy Holidays! 🙂




KnitCrate Unboxing & Review – July 2017


knitcrate sock box contents july 2017This month I had the pleasure of receiving all of KnitCrate’s July monthly boxes, and getting to unbox and review them all in a super fun Facebook Live video!  The video of me opening up and sharing the contents of each box is here, and I will also be sharing the specific contents of the boxes below 🙂

The theme for this month’s boxes was “Pop”, as all of the crates featured bright and punchy pop colors!  You can find all of the boxes mentioned on KnitCrate’s site, which will be available until the end of the month.

These boxes all contained so much joy, and I’m excited to share with you more about them 🙂

Aritsan Crate

In this month’s Aritsan Crate (previously known as the Main Crate), I was delighted to receive this bright and beautiful royal blue yarn!  It is a fingering weight yarn by Artisan Yarns called Sockpaca in the “BooBerry” colorway.  The fiber content is 60% SuperWash Merino Wool, 20% Alpaca, and 20% Nylon, and there are 440 yards per skein.  It is incredibly soft knitcrate aritsan box contents july 2017and luxurious feeling, so that along with the subtle color variations of the blues make this yarn really special.

There are two featured patterns in this crate, a beginner shawl pattern called “Daisy” by Melinda Measor, and an intermediate/advanced shawl pattern called “Bluebell” by the same designer.  Both feature gorgeous lace patterns – either of these shawls would make quite the statement in this vibrant color!

Also included is this box is a pair of Yarn Safe Knitting Shears, the perfect scissors for travelling!  You can find this box and all of the other “Pop” boxes here.

knitcrate sock box contents july 2017Sock Crate

Up next is the Sock Crate (also featured in the first up-close photo) – isn’t this yarn stunning?!  It is a fingering weight yarn by Lavender Lune Yarn in the “Firefly Riot” colorway.  Not only does it have beautiful speckles of reds, yellows, teals, and purples, it’s got some sparkle in it too!  It is made up of 75% SuperWash Merino, 20% Nylon, and 5% Gold Stelina, and is 438 yards to the skein.

The featured sock pattern is “Celtic Climbers” by Lisa K. Ross, which showcase a fun cable-like lace pattern climbing up the sides of the socks.

Also in this box are some adorableknitcrate handmade tags by johavi “Handmade” tags that you can put on your knitted gifts!  The tags feature a variety of fonts and motifs and were made exclusively for this KnitCrate box by Johavi Woodworking!  Pick up this awesome box before it’s gone here 🙂

Crochet Crate

This month’s Pop Crochet Crate is definitely perfect for anybody who loves orange!  The featured yarn is a Sport Weight 100% SuperWash Merino wool by OMG Yarn at 345 yards per skein.  This fantastic yellow and orange colorway (which looks like the sun, am I right?!) is called “Rushmore”, and comes with 2 crochet patterns!

knitcrate crochet box contents july 2017The beginner pattern is a shawl pattern called “Jaynes Arrow” and the intermediate/advanced pattern is “Breezy’s Tee”, an oversized lacey tee that would make for the perfect beach cover up!  Both patterns are by designer Melina Gingras.

The fun extra in this month’s Crochet Crate is a beautiful rainbow wood crcohet hook by KnitPicks in size H-8 (5mm).  You can get this crate here!

Knitologie Crate

Lastly, I received the Knitologie Crate, which is a no frills crate that simply contains 2 skeins of an exclusive hand dyed luxury yarn that you can dream up whatever you want with.  What I love about this crate is that this yarn is truly unique and you can’t buy it anywhere else as it is only for KnitCrate subscribers!

knitcrate knitologie box july 2017The exclusive yarn in this month’s crate is a Sport Weight 100% SuperWash Merino Wool at 330 yards per skein.  Of all of the colors in this month’s Pop crates, this one is definitely my fave as it’s a blend of my 2 favorite colors, pink and purple!  Together they create a stunning hot pink/purple magenta-like combo that I am totally obsessed with.  The color is called “Kiss” which makes sense to me 😉  While this crate has no patterns or tools, it does contain 5 different discount codes for the yarns and tools featured in the other boxes, ranging from 10-25% off their shops!  And just so you know, all of the other crates feature 2-3 discount codes for the companies of the featured fiber goodies as well.

If you would like any of the boxes mentioned above, you can get them by becoming a KnitCrate subscriber to the box you want by the end of this month!  KnitCrate has also given me some special coupon codes for you to use when you try out their monthly subscription – use GIRLY20 to get 20% off your first box OR use FREECRATE to get a free mystery box!  These codes apply towards all box options here.  Enjoy! 🙂