Girly Knits Knitter’s Tool Tins

By Lauren

girly knits knitters tool tinsI am so delighted to share that I am the featured designer for the month of April in The Sexy Knitter’s Etsy store for her Knitter’s Tool Tins!

Each tool tin is $25 and contains a mini measuring tape, 5 super cute handmade star stitch markers, a cable needle, a stitch holder, a blunt tapestry needle, 2 sewing needles, a double sided crochet hook, and travel safe scissors!

You can choose your favorite tin cover design which feature images from Girly Knits patterns! These will only be available for the month of April, as she features a different designer every month.  You can get 20% off your order with the coupon code GirlyKnits til April 22nd, woohoo!

I use my tool tin all the time and totally love it.  I especially love the scissors because you can bring them on planes, and the new and improved ones are really sharp!

Here’s a closer look at each of the tool tin designs:

girly knits aztec knitters tool tin

“She’s Electric” Aztec Tool Tin

The cover of this tool tin is an image from my skirt design “She’s Electric“.  I’m so happy she chose to feature this picture because the color and texture of this skirt are so much fun!

You can optionally get the words “Back off my stash…” printed on the tool tin too!  You can find the tool tin on Etsy here.


girly knits cupcake knitters tool tin

“Sweet Treats” Cupcake Tool Tin

The cover of this tool tin is from my Knitted Wall Art series from the “Sweet Treats” set.  I love this one because the cupcake looks so 3-dimentional and real!  And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love cupcakes and sprinkles :)

You can find this super cute knitter’s tool tin on Etsy here!




girly knits lattice knitters tool tin

“Happily Ever After” Cable Lattice Tool Tin

This tin features an image that’s also from the Knitted Wall Art series in the “Happily Ever After” set.  As with the cupcake, the printing quality is really nice so the cables and rhinestones look real!  I love how girly this tin is 😉

You can optionally get the words “It Girls Knit” on this tin or plain as pictured.  You can find this tool tin on Etsy here!


girly knits floral knitters tool tin

“Blossoming Beauty” Daisy Lace Tool Tin

On this tin is an image of my “Blossoming Beauties” Daisy Lace Tank Top design.  I love this one because it’s so Springy!  I am beyond happy that Spring is here and I can wear this tank top again very soon :)

You can optionally get the words “home is where the yarn is” printed on this tin, or plain as pictured.  You can find the tool tin here!

Sarah is also offering the collection of all 4 knitter’s tool tins for $80 on Etsy here.  They are great to have in each of your project bags or to give as gifts!  Enjoy!

girly knits april knitters tool tins

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