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Fashionable Knitting Photos from the Wildfox Resort 2013 Collection

By Lauren

I have been a fan of Wildfox Couture for a while, especially their always awesome images!  Super fun that they incorporated super cute knitwear AND girls knitting in their latest collection/campaign, LOVE it!!  If only we all looked that cool when we were knitting 😉

grannywildfox14367 grannywildfox14366grannywildfox14368grannywildfox14369source:


Knitting Photo Contest! Lots of fun Prizes, enter by Sept. 30th!

By Lauren

Photo Contest!

I want to see your Girly Knits projects and awesome photos!  When I started this blog, I had a dream of sharing fun photos of girls from around the world knitting, and showing off their amazing knitted creations.  Here is a great opportunity to get creative and share!  To inspire you, I’ve put together some fun prizes!

Here’s the Deal:

You have until Sept 30th to share your Girly Knits projects on either Ravelry or Craftsy with a photo of the project.  Once you have added the project please send a link to me at  If you need help with how to add projects, feel free to contact me with questions, or check out this article here!

Here are the Rules:

1) Your photo must be of a Girly Knits pattern, all available at (I have 3 free patterns that are perfectly fine to use too!)
2) You must have knitted the item yourself and either have taken the photo or be in the photo
3) You can enter up to 3 photos, including projects you have already posted
4) A work in progress photo works too!  If you wanted to use a picture of you knitting the pattern, or take a picture of it still on on the needles, even if you just started, please do!

How the winning photo will be Judged:

1) Creativity of the photo – think about interesting places you could take the photo and what you would be doing in the photo.  What unique place could you be knitting or wearing your knitwear?
2) Humor – how much it makes people smile, silliness is good!
3) How much Fun you had with the photo!  “Knitting is Fun” is the Girly Knits motto 😉
4) Quality of the photo and project.  Having a well lit photo always helps!
5) Your Vote – I will be adding your photos on my facebook fanpage where fans can vote on their favorite photo.  The one with the most fan votes one won’t necessarily win but it will get you bonus points!

I will be judging the photos along with 2 other judges.


Grand Prize:

*All of the materials needed to make these Lion Brand Norwegian Wristers!  Includes the printed pattern, 2 skeins of LB Organic Wool in Eggplant and Natural, and a set of 5 US Size 8 double-pointed needles (total value of $26.25)

*1 free online learning class from Craftsy (up to $49.99 value)!

*$25 gift certificate to your favorite yarn store!

*$25 gift certificate to spend on Girly Knits patterns!

2nd Place:

*1 free online learning class from Craftsy (up to $49.99 value)!

*3 Girly Knits patterns of your choice or a $15 gift certificate to spend on Girly Knits patterns!

*A copy of the current issue of your favorite knitting magazine!

3rd Place:

*3 Girly Knits patterns of your choice or a $15 gift certificate to spend on Girly Knits patterns!

Even More Prizes:

*3 entrants at random will receive a copy of my newest pattern Smitten Mittens for free!!

All winners will have their projects featured on this blog!

If you have any questions or comments and to enter, please e-mail me at  And remember the deadline is Sunday Sept 30th!  The winners will be announced on October 10th.

If you need inspiration, check out the photos on this blog!  All eligible patterns can be found at

Bow Heads!

By Lauren

You can’t argue that a girl increases her inherent cuteness by 110% when she puts a big knitted bow on her head.  Check out these adorable knitters who did just that using my free bow headband pattern.  If you are a beginner knitter and need some extra help following the pattern, I’ve also made a series of 3 videos on this blog guiding you through how to make a bow headand.  Enjoy!

Interview with Jess, Awesome Knitter of the Month!

By Lauren

I had so much fun with last month’s interview with Carrie, that going forward I am planning on doing an interview with an awesome knitter every month!  This month’s interviewee is Jess, an incredibly talented and fashionable knitter, who I discovered when she purchased my “Meow” eyemask pattern!  You can tell that she has a lot of fun with her knitting which I love; all of her projects are super playful with a sense of humor inserted into them!  I hope you enjoy learning more about Jess and her love for knitting, and are inspired by her projects!

All of the images of Jess’s hand knit items below link to her project page on Ravelry, where you can find the pattern she used and knit it up too!  Enjoy!

Jess lives in a studio apartment in Brooklyn with her cat and tons of yarn. When she isn’t knitting, she is practicing at and managing a yoga studio in Manhattan. She hopes to someday combine the two and be able to yoga and knit at the same time. You can follow her knitting adventures at

When did you learn to knit and who taught you?

I learned to knit from my best friend’s mom when I was 18.  I think she knit our whole lives, but really started getting into it when we were in high school.  I remember she loved to knit just for decoration, she had this huge wicker basket by the front door that she filled with mohair mittens, it was the cutest thing.

I really wanted to learn, even though I thought it looked so hard and my best friend refused to join me because she’s allergic to wool.

At first it was really hard to catch on, every time I made the smallest mistake I would have to wait until the next time I saw my friend’s mom to fix it for me.  That’s so funny to look back on now because I mess up constantly and can pretty much get myself out of any knitting jam :)

After I learned, I put it down for a little while until I went to college.  I picked it back up in college because it was a really relaxing/familiar thing to do…also, one of my roommates was Pam Allen’s daughter (the former editor in chief of Interweave) so it was also something I could bond over with my roommates. :)

Who is your favorite person to knit for?

I love knitting for all my friends and family, but i really REALLY love knitting for their kids and babies.  The finished products are always so sweet and they are really fast projects :)


What are your 3 favorite knitting projects that you’ve made so far?

It was hard to pick just 3! I loved looking back at the things I made, and the story behind them…but I would say my favorites are a fish bathmat I made, thigh high legwarmers and a where the wild things are sweater & crown.

The bathmat and thigh highs were total labors of love, they took forever and were made with leftover yarn. :)

The sweater i really love because its one of the first things I made that I can really put into my everyday wardrobe.  I’m always surprised when I can actually make a piece of clothing that I can wear in public! :)

What is your favorite yarn?

I don’t know if I could pick a specific brand, but the type of yarn I always gravitate towards is a nice rustic, wool, worsted weight yarn.

Featured right is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted Yarn.

What is your favorite stitch?

Stockinette! Classic. :)

What is your favorite knitting book?

Not sure these count as books, but every single Rowan magazine is my favorite. Everything is styled so beautifully!

If you could design the “perfect” sweater, what design elements would it have?

I think my perfect sweater would be something heavy (worsted or bulky) probably a cardigan that I can double as a coat that I could wear all the time.  I don’t mind knitting in pieces (I kind of like seaming, I know crazy).

Probably something classic stockinette, nothing too fancy like cables…a good everyday sweater.

What environment do you like to knit it?

I love knitting everywhere and I do pretty much knit any chance I get.  Living in New York City I take the subway a lot and that is probably where my knitting comes most in handy. It’s nice to have something to kind of block out the craziness of the city (and the other people on the train) 😉

Recently I started knitting while walking down the street, I’m not sure I’ll keep this up though because people really look at me funny.


What do your friends and family think about your knitting habit?

They have gotten used to the fact that I knit all the time, they have actually mentioned that it’s weird to see me without my knitting!  Haha.

But I think they all love it, because they are always asking for handknit things :)

Looks like Jess’s cat loves her knitting habit too!

What do you feel is the most awesome part about knitting?

It’s hard to pick the most awesome part, there are so many things I love about knitting.

But I would have to say the thing I love most about knitting is that it is something I have more or less mastered on my own. It’s also one of the few things that I can say I feel really confident about and I know I am good at. I love that I can do it anywhere and everywhere (and have!)  Making something beautiful from a few sticks and string will never cease to amaze me.


Check out even more of Jess’s fabulous hand knit projects here.  Thanks Jess! -Lauren

Interview with Carrie, an Awesome Knitter!

By Lauren

As a knitwear designer, I think a lot about the girl who will be knitting my patterns.  In the beginning this girl was imaginary to me because I didn’t actually know anyone like her!  I saw her as a hip knitter, who would seek out the coolest most fashionable patterns, and make them seamlessly work into her stylish wardrobe.  Her knitted projects would be super fun and well thought out with yarn choices and details to make them her own awesome unique style.  She would also be a happy girl with a big smile on her face because, of course, she found knitting and loves it so much!

So when I met Carrie through Ravelry, I instantly knew that that was her!  She has an amazing collection of FO’s, which are too awesome to not be shown off as much as possible.  I asked her if she would do an interview for my blog to share her love for knitting with the rest of you, and hopefully inspire you too! 

All of the images of Carries hand knit items below link to her project page on Ravelry, where you can find the pattern she used and knit it up too!  Enjoy!

“I’m an optimistically cheerful gal that is excited about life! I appreciate a kind person and try to laugh as often as possible. Knitting is my favorite hobby! I love being able to create things with my hands and get inspired by fellow knitters. Here’s to sunny days and happy knitting ya’ll!” -Carrie

When did you learn to knit and who taught you?

I learned to knit in 2005 and taught myself. I found resources online that helped walk me through the how-to’s and haven’t stopped since! My grandmother Carlson and Aunts Polly, Norma, Clara and Marilyn all knit and have won numerous awards at the New Mexico State Fair for their knitted ponchos and blankets. I feel lucky to be connected to such accomplished knitters and have inspiration from my family.

Who is your favorite person to knit for?

Myself! I love knitting things for my family and friends and often do. I just happen to really enjoy knitting for myself since it is easy to tailor projects to my shape like a sweater or shorties. I really like knitting monsters and stuffed animals for my niece and nephew. They are usually pretty amazed that I was able to create something so cute.


What are your 3 favorite knitting patterns that you’ve made so far?

1) Abyssal : Wonderful pattern to follow and the lace repeat is easy enough to remember. It is a versatile shawl  depending on what needle size you use. I used a larger needle to get a looser, open more drapey finished project.

2) Ruffle Shorties : Love this pattern! Soft, comfy shorties to look cute in around the house. The possibility for color combinations is exciting!

3) Sophia : Newly knitted and loving it. It is a great piece with an easy lace pattern. I am really liking the color!

What is your favorite yarn?

My favorite yarn right now is the Rowan Purelife Revive (photo credit: The colors are so interesting and it comes from recycled fibers which is pretty awesome! It is versatile because of the fiber content and has a really nice drape. I also like to go to thrift stores on the weekends and hunt for sweaters to rip apart and re-purpose into new knitting projects. I have been known to let out a scream when I find that perfect sweater to reuse.

What is your favorite stitch?

My favorite stitch is good old stockinette stitch. Sorry nothing fancy here. I love the simplicity of a stockinette stitch sweater and yet, the versatility of having this as a foundation stitch for your knitting. Once you get this stitch down, you can make just about anything.

What is your favorite knitting book?

I really love Rebecca Danger’s book “The Big Book of Knitted Monsters“. If you ever need to smile, just pick it up and start flipping the pages. Not only are the projects a blast to knit and easy to follow but the stories for each monster are just precious.

If you could design the “perfect” sweater, what design elements would it have?

Oh such a good question! My perfect sweater would be easy, chic and comfortable. I love soft loose sweaters that you just want to live in but also love the look of a nicely tailored one. It would be a balance of both, clean, tailored lines with a bit of soft looseness for comfort.

Here are some of Carrie’s other awesome hand knit sweaters!:


What environment do you like to knit it?

I like to knit while watching TV but I pretty much knit anytime I can! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t touch a knitting needle at some point. Knitting while you watch TV is a great way to stay productive and catch up with your favorite shows.

In case you are wondering who that cute little owl is, you can get the pattern for him for free here!  He’s in my queue too :)

What do your friends/family think about your knitting habit?

My family and friends are very supportive of my knitting habit. I think they love it since they are often the recipients of my little knitted gifts. Who could complain about that?!

How could you not encourage someone who makes adorable hats like this?  LOVE it!

What do you feel is the most awesome part about knitting?

The most awesome thing about knitting is how you can touch someones heart by giving them a gift you made. A sweet pair of socks, a great hat, a warm little scarf, all made by you, and given to someone with love.


Check out even more of Carrie’s fabulous hand knit projects here.  Thanks Carrie! -Lauren

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